Mitigating Physical, Environmental and Social Engineering Threats Essay

Extenuating Physical, environmental and Social Engineering Threats

Counter mechanisms for security related menaces are altering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours integrating multi disciplinary attacks so as to properly manage the of all time germinating menaces. In today’s scenario the menace and hazards posed to organisational IS by a malevolent insider are more unsafe in comparing to those posed by an foreigner aggressor. An insider decidedly takes advantage of their internal system cognition to execute harmful actions. The hackers can through their societal technology accomplishments easy make usage of internal staff for their ain benefits. The consciousness plans about the menaces posed by societal applied scientists are demand of the hr.

Balancing privateness and security is besides a affair of position for security practicians. The degree of invasion of privateness varies from single to single. The invasion of individual’s privateness through cyber born menaces is besides on rise. A recent privateness study stated that Italian governments invariably mine more than 100 databases without any notice to the proprietors to place and profile “suspects.” Is it justified in that sense? They do it to forestall development and protect the populace at big. By these invasions, a echt person’s privateness is besides violated.

Still, the two positions remain basically contradictory and tend to stand for and function two different involvements: security is valued at governmental and corporate degrees, while privateness more frequently holds sway for persons and groups.

The security is a deliberate and defensive scheme that is designed to keep an organization’s stableness and protect against all mode of onslaught. Theoretically, security is required to conform to high ethical criterions ; it must continue privateness and should esteem the rights of inexperienced persons.

In their anticipations about information security challenges of following decennary, the CISCO has given following serious estimation based upon their analysis:


Current Status 2012

Predicted 2024

Internet connected Devicess

14 one million millions

50 one million millions

Security Menaces

2.9 million

200 million

( Cisco Report 2014 ) .

The rating of security has ever been one of the challenges in the field of information security. The meeting of calculating and communicating engineerings with critical infrastructural constituents has generated assortment of new security hazards, which threaten cyber-physical constituents.

Hackers, now yearss, have designed the cyber onslaughts that can take to physical harm to information system. It has generated new hazards issues and therefore the individuals planing the security-critical information systems needs to accommodate to the patterns followed by those making safety-critical control systems.

The cardinal purpose of information security is protecting information assets from falling into the custodies of those set on fraud and other villainous activities. The focal point of those responsible for the safety of software-intensive systems are captive on guaranting that a system malfunction or failure will non take to harm to human existences or the environment.

Environmental Threats Include:

  1. Natural Events: The major hazard under this class are:




  1. Environmental conditions

Extreme temperatures.

High humidness.

Heavy rains.


Physical Threats Include:

  1. Destructive Acts




  1. Internal Staff

Disgruntled Staff

Planted Staff

Preventive Stairss to debar the Environmental Threats and Physical Threats

Step1. Check for following environmental hazards in the locality where organisation is established or is being established.

  1. If country is often prone to natural catastrophes like inundations, temblors and twister, a strong construction is recommended.
  2. Provision of fire safety equipment in the premises.
  3. Proper grounding of the construction to manage large electromotive force fluctuations and lightening.
  4. Provision for temperature control and wet control to follow in the country where critical substructure is installed.

Step2. Analyze the physical media to follow the undermentioned restraints.

  1. Anti theft telegraphing with commissariats of sound dismay.
  2. RF card for entry and issue control
  3. Motion sensor detectors.

Step3. Protective steps against the incidents of larceny and hooliganism.

  1. By using armed security forces environing the premises.
  2. By put ining Surveillance cameras inside and outside the premises.

Step4. Developing and adhering to organisational policy for disposing of storage media holding informations or information that can fall in incorrect custodies.

Step5. Policies for care of physical constituents of CII ( critical information substructure )

  1. Check and keep a log for each and every surpassing resource carefully for informations. Ideally no information should be at that place.
  2. Keep profile of individuals or companies hired for care work. Ideal is to hold a unit within the premises for this work
  3. A policy papers must be signed up by concerned individuals.
  4. Limited entree to sensitive country incorporating CII resources.

Measure 6. Log of equipment and peripheral devices

  1. Keep an up to day of the month list of peripheral devices in log book.
  2. Keep the record if some device is taken out for fix work.
  3. Check for authorization missive before any device is issued or received.
  4. Maintain inside informations of equipment makers, theoretical accounts, and consecutive Numberss decently.

Step7. A policy for flinging disused electronic devices.

  1. Proper cheque for informations and information before seting a device into disused list.
  2. Permanently taking informations from that device.
  3. Certification from individuals responsible for wipe outing informations from such devices.

# # # # # # # # some reasoning comments here # # # # # # # # #

Social Engineering

Interrupting into a web does non necessitate proficient accomplishments. Access to sensitive information can be gained by pull stringsing legitimate users after procuring their trust. The engineering entirely is non rather plenty to extenuate and undertake the hazards of internal menaces. The focal point needs to be shifted toward developing systems that assist worlds in the working and doing the things more unafraid alternatively of doing engineering that can itself go a hazard if gone in incorrect custodies. Seasonably awareness about the societal applied scientists who pretends to be right cat and do usage of one’s organisational staff is demand of hr. A practician needs to develop attacks uniting encoding, entree control, minimal privilege, and supervising so as to safeguard against societal technology tools. To support the societal technology, one needs to concentrate on insiders within security hazard appraisals and conformity governments. The cognition about human factors, instruction and consciousness of employees is helpful to undertake societal applied scientists.

But the menaces posed by presence of the dissatisfied employees are turn outing to be excessively large for the organisations. These dissatisfied employees can easy be targeted by utilizing societal technology tool. These are in ownership of the ways to entree the critical resources such as computing machine systems or corporate or personal information that can be used by them maliciously or for personal addition. The spreads in the security help them accomplish their malicious ends. Social applied scientists get through by working human behaviour like trust, ignorance and sloppiness.

Social Engineering Threat is lifting because of:

  1. Lack of consciousness to the staff.
  2. Lack of uninterrupted counsel on novitiate ways being adopted by them.
  3. The deficiency of rigorous regulations for employees sing voip, electronic mails, societal media sites.

4.the susceptibleness to malicious package downloaded without attention.

5. A deficiency of the appropriate forces to plan security architecture.

6.Not Keeping up with package updates and ascents.

7.Not utilizing maker recommended spots.

8.Non attachment to configuration direction policy.

9. Network Access Control solution.

10. Intentionally using simple watchwords for critical assets.

11. incorrect usage of organization’s devices and web resources to entree societal media websites airss a high information security menace.

Social Engineering as a Tool in Hands of Attackers

A dissatisfied employee can certainly and easy short-circuit bing security steps and do dearly-won harm to the organisation one time he comes in contact with some aggressor through societal technology. The dissatisfied employee may besides utilize a combination of societal technology and commercial package tools to steal sensitive client information. Because societal technology is an onslaught on human nature, there are no proficient signatures that we can utilize to observe this type of onslaught. Authority, liking, reciprocation, consistence, societal proof and scarceness are major human inclinations that can be exploited in societal technology onslaught.

The societal technology is used as a tool by these peoples to derive entree to any system irrespective of the beds of defensive security controls. It is a sort of art of decryption and get the hanging the human behaviour to do security breach by pull stringsing the victim. We can categorise societal technology as engineering based misrepresentation, and homos based misrepresentation. All the Social Engineering methods of onslaught mark some really natural human properties.

Human behavioural properties with their effects on IS when these are exploited by Social technology

It has been widely accepted that misdirecting the peoples by winning their trust is much easier than choping or checking. The coaction among research workers in security and in psychological science has integrated peoples from serviceability technology, protocol design, privateness, and policy on the one manus, and from societal psychological science, evolutionary biological science, and behavioural economic sciences on the other. See the following tabular array to recognize this interesting fact:

Human Attribute

Matching consequence on security of Information System


Security watchword can be obtained easy one time trust is established.

The desire to be ‘helpful’

By presenting helpful the planted employee can steal secret informations or watchwords.

The want to acquire something for nil

This can do a manner for malware to settle in yours organisational information systems.


The malware finds an easy manner to yours IS.

Fear of the unknown, or of losing something

This will ask for many virus and malware codifications to your IS.


This factor makes every security program a failure.


Consequences in rise in security breaches.


They can rip off anyone for their ain addition.


To turn out their mastermind they can change others confidential informations.


Can easy leak watchwords

Disposition and Patience

When disturbed such individuals can destruct of import information.

Table 1: The human property and corresponding effects on IS security.

A Logical Model for Preventing Social Engineering Attacks on IS

Now we purpose and recommend following model that can logically forestall the menace of societal technology onslaughts to information system of any organisation. The model is suited for designers and interior decorator concerned with secure architecture for their information system. The assorted constructs are mapped to logical design degree stage of development. The model is able to command the incorrect purposes of dissatisfied employees who some manner or other can do immense harm to IS after they become prey to some foreigner through the societal technology accomplishments of subsequently.

Step1 – Provision for automatic coevals of login trails for employees.

a- To maintain path of all the login id’s of internal staff.

Step2 – Avoidance of shared histories while planing the information system.

Step3- Centralized authorization should be there for commanding the entree rights.

Measure 5- Using Encryption to heighten the security by taking encrypted database backups.

Measure 6- By proviso of taking digital signature or other biometric signature of employee as per the importance of dealing.

Measure 7- Social and Psychological Behavior Test

  1. Before engaging a individual for your organisation, acquire thorough inside informations about societal behaviour /status of individual.
  2. Check for any cyber offense related engagement of that individual.
  3. Get a psycho trial of individual through some head-shrinker so as to understand the KSAs suitableness of individual in better manner.

Table: Proposed Logical Framework

This paper done qualitatively, focused on mapping the different facets of human behaviour that can be exploited by societal applied scientists to entree the organizational IS illicitly. The chief features of behaviour has been picked and mapped with the corresponding security hazard that occurs through societal applied scientists. A logical model has been proposed to counter this menace. The subject is need of hr in current context of lifting security breaches worldwide. A more strict attack and research is recommended in the field.


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