Mixed Marriages Essay

Nowadays mixed marriages have become more and more widespread and common than they were many decades ago.

In former time, many countries such as Saudi Arabia , Pakistan, Egypt and even Germany had strict regulations and restrictions, which didn’t allow to get married with a person of another nationality. However, these days time has changed and mixed marriages gradually have increased. According to the Associated Press, it was estimated 65000 interracial marriages in 1970, and then this number has raised to 422,000 in 2005. There are also many famous people, who were born in international families like golfer Tiger woods and actress Halle Berry.

So, is it right way for the current society? What kind of attitude should the modern society express towards them? Some people state, that there are many problems with mixed marriages.They can be cause of misconception in relationship. These couples may be faced with the disapprovement of their parents or negative attitude of their relatives and surrounding society. When other people, on the contrary, confirm that intercultural marriages make one culture closer to the other. They have many benefits in the family life as well as in communication between the different nations.

So, I strongly believe that mixed marriages should be supported by society in order to reduce the cultural distances and sustain peace and harmony among the whole countries of the world. It is obvious, that mixed marriages are the great opportunity for the couple to familiarize with the cultural features of another country and adopt them as well. Almost everyone knows the cultural features of his own country, but not everyone can know the same about another.

Intercultural marriages give a chance to broaden the outlook and get to know deeper about values of another culture. Firstly , they will learn the language of their partners. It is believed that nowadays, the more languages people know, the better perspectives they will have. Therefore, this point would be beneficial in many spheres of their life. Secondly , the pair will know traditions and customs of both two cultures.

They can be different from each other, beginning from the simplest daily things such as how to dress, continuing with the customs regarding the relationship and behavior between the members of this culture.International couple, can compare these traditions and then even find from them some similarities with their own culture. In such a way, they will be exchanged by cultural values with each other,after what their points of view towards the some cultural conceptions can be changed. Thus, the couple will be taught to respect and be more tolerant to the features of the culture, which were unknown to them before .Thirdly, mixed family will know the history of the partner’s country and can celebrate intercultural festivals. Every country has its own types of festivals and way of celebrating them. For example, European countries celebrate Christmas and Easter, and the Asian countries have such festivals like Nauriz and Kurban Ait.

Mixed family will combine all these festivals and have more pleasant holidays, which will be cause of gathering family members together and reinforce the relationship between them. So, finally, all these aspects make their family life much more brighter and interesting. To support my point of view further, children who grow up in the intercultural family, have the opportunity to inherit values of two cultures as well as to develop their intellectual skills and immune system. Firstly, the children, who were born in these families, can speak at least two languages.

Thus, they can easily communicate and get on with the representatives of both nationalities. There is no doubt, that it would be advantage for their future life. Secondly, these children have unique characteristics of wide thinking.

From biological point of view, they happen to be smarter.According to T. Abdul Talib, ( 2010 ), “ A child from mix-marriage will have a high level of intellectual.

”. This is because the children have a great mix of DNA from their mother and father ancestor. In the future these children can become genius, combining the best qualities of two cultures. A prime example to it is the current president of the USA, Barah Obama. His father Barah Obama I, was African, and his mother Ann Duntam was American.

Thirdly, the children of intercultural family have less probability to be exposed by the different diseases . According to C. Stetdon’s research, ( 2011 ), each race has their own set of diseases or an increased rate of diseases. When races are combined , the gene pool is improved and therefore the child ‘s risk of exposing to disease can be considerably reduced. In addition, interracial child can be incredible beautiful and good looking because of the mix blood from their mother and father.

This child will have a bright future in entertainment and modeling business because they are unique and different from the local people. So, it means that mixed marriages bring benefits not only for the parents, but their children also are rewarded by gifted skills. One more priority of the mixed marriages is saving peace and harmony among the whole humankind. First of all, they help to stop the cruel actions dealing with discrimination.

It was found out, that number of people, who died because of discrimination exceed the number of all people who died in the past wars. That is why, one the of the main aim of the current humankind is to save the peace in the world. Mixed Marriages help to understand this point. They show that all of the people are the members of one family, this family is the world. None of the members have rights to dominate or discriminate another one. They are equal and identical.

Furthermore, mixed marriages are considered as the indicator of wide thinking.Modern society live in the global world. It means that every culture and every country should be in close connection with each other, and this connection is also realized by mixed marriages. So, it also proves that in the global world, mixed marriages are the global union, which open up a new road to the great global relationship.

To conclude, mixed marriages are the union of couple who make a strong decision to overcome all barriers and attempt merge two different kinds of cultures into one. They are beneficial not only for the family, but also for the whole society as well. People live, breathe and of course they love. It is a feeling, which belongs only for the humankind.

Mixed marriages clearly show that love have no barriers. Nations are different from each other just by their geographic places or colour of skins. However, these differences can’t somehow to influence on their inner life. Despite of the outer differences, in the inner life all nationalities are similar. In order to create happy family, people shouldn’t appreciate and choose theirspouces because of their races, but they should do it because of the voice of their heart. Just then , each member of the current society achieve the happiness and will live in the peaceful and satisfied world.