MLA Format Laydin Essay

If you decide that yes you should raise them in a faith -based community, it does have its benefits.

Faith-based communities teach important values in life such as caring, self-dependence, and many life morals. It helps to teach the kids to help the community and even reach out and help others. Raising your child in a faith-based community should not be done because the negative effects far out weigh the positives. Believe that raising your sons or daughters in a community based on faith is not something that should be done.

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Yes religion and what you believe in is an important part of life.I don’t think that it is something that your child should be brought into at such a young age. For one thing, at a young age no children really knows why they are there nor do they really want to be there. They would rather have free time hanging out with friends, instead of being in a church or whatever place of worship you attend, two to three times a week.

Second, in some cases, not all, it causes “the fear of God” which is very scary to a kid of young age. Third, at a young age kids hate to feel pressured and if oh raise them in a faith-based community they are going to feel pressured by the situation.Finally, to raise them in a community of faith, of your choosing, is almost forcing a religion upon them. I believe that religion is something that should be practiced based on an individual’s beliefs, not something they had been forced into at a very young age. I think that is a great quote that demonstrates the importance of choosing your own religion.

Being able to choose your own religion is one of the most important freedoms we as Americans are granted. But if you raise your child in a immunity of a certain faith, it’s almost as if you’re taking that freedom away. Eve asked several of my friends that I have grown with that I knew grew up in a faith-based community. The questions I asked were all the same, ‘Are you happy you happy you were raised in a faith-based community? ” and “How much do you feel it benefited you? ” Of the three friends that I asked, their response were much the same. They said that they didn’t know any different at a young age being raised in a faith-based community. They said growing up in this environment now makes them feel obligated to attend hurt because their parents brought it upon them at a young age.Next, two of the three said that faith-communities didn’t really benefit them because at a young age you don’t understand what’s going on ad why you’re there. The other said that, it benefited for their future, in going to church and help there understanding.

Though not all is bad in a faith-based community for a child being raised in community like this. These faith communities do have their benefits on a child’s life. Faith communities can give a child a lot of knowledge, get he or she socially involved and interacting with other kids.Also, the most important thing if you decide to raise your kid in a faith community, it will get the kid involved in a caring community throughout their childhood. Both sides could be argued strongly due to what you believe. Faith-based communities are well understood to be a good thing; I don’t believe this to be true.

These communities can be something that children fear. Raising Children in these environments force religion upon them, and make them feel pressured through their childhood. Freedom of religion is a right that everyone has and therefore should be left to the person.If they choose a that growing up that should be their decision. With there being two sides to every story, no right or wrong answer, or no one to judge you for your decisions you can do what you think is right. On one side there are numerous positive reasons for this, probably more than I mentioned.

None of which outweigh the negatives of this issue. I strongly believe that a faith-based community teaches material that’s good, but takes away the freedom and doesn’t allow your child to choose their own religion, when he or she is ready. There is no right or wrong answer; it is completely up to you!