Mobile Phone Essay

Mobile phone Are you own a mobile phone? If the answer is no, It is be very strange and incredible and you are so late, if the answer is yes you are very updatable to technology. Every one in the world has a mobile phone, although he may not own shoes in his feet. Mobile phone becomes very important than food, water and air because, you can communicate with others from any where and any time. In the beginning days of mobile only rich people who own a mobile phone because two reasons: first, the device was very expensive.Second, the cost of call was very high compared by local call, but now every one own mobile even doormen, drivers of buses, poor people and street children. Although the mobile phone is important in our life but it causes many negative effects. Wasting time and money is the first effect of mobile phone.

Every one of us waste a lot of time calling his friends and sending message. If you have a free time to do any useful thing, you replace that by calling any one.Due to along call you made, you consume a long time during call and you will find your self pay a lot for communication also, you waste your money and time and both are very important thing when you lose them you cant restore it again. Mobile phone doesn’t respect the privacy of others. After a high development in a mobile hardware and software. A hacker evil one can record the call for some one regardless, what is a private call and then causes problems.

If some one like foolish person can call any random numbers and speak a lot and send stupid message to make the other one be angry.Some of these people consider it just joking but, it is very bad thing. If you a VIP character and you have many tasks, you must get a relax time to refresh then, you find your mobile are ringing in this time you fell you want to destroy this device to get rest. The bad sides effect of mobile on your health increases day after day, due to the development of this device and the updatable options that added. The mobile phone emerges harm electromagnetic waves that is harm your body, eyes and nerve.Special, when you make along call you fell by pains in your ears, also It may causes a permanently half headache in your head. Every one should do, eat, drink and sleep away of this device to protect our health.

Never sleep beside it although if you switches it off. In last statistics the one reasons of cancer is mobile phone waves. Finally, we know the mobile phone is very important and we can’t live without it. But, all of us should take care of our health, time, money and privacy.

We should make balance between our needs and entertainment to protect our bodies of any harmful.