Mobile Shopping Mall For Smartphone Users Computer Science Essay

One of the most of import activities on the cyberspace is shopping. You can shop at your ain convenience ; when you want, where you want and how you want. Although, in 1994, the cyberspace began to derive popularity among the general populace, it took approximately 4 old ages for the security criterions and the most common foundations of the web experience to get down paving the manner for the really first type of e-commerce systems. Harmonizing to Pew Internet, in 2008, ’66 % of Americans say they have purchased a merchandise online ‘ ( Horrigan, 2008 ) . This shows that cyberspace users have embraced online shopping because they see it as a convenient and time-saving manner to make their shopping. ( Ecommerce-land )

For many of us, our cell phones ne’er leave our side. Busy agendas mean people are frequently on the move and companies must do certain that they reach them on their cell phones. ‘With Smartphone gross revenues lifting 49 % in the first one-fourth of 2010, ne’er earlier has it been so easy to shop, anyplace, anytime from the thenar of your manus ‘ . ( Marcus, 2010 )

Problem Definition

Modern eCommerce sites already allow the user to heighten their web-experience ; nevertheless most of these sites perform really inefficiently and easy on nomadic devices such as Smartphones. Sites that are developed for desktop computing machines, when viewed on a nomadic platform, turn out to be more confusing due to the little viewport and limited declarations.

Time is the most valuable trade good in on-line shopping. In an eCommerce web site one wants his users to happen what they want quickly and purchase it every bit shortly as possible. Difficult pilotage is one of the cardinal grounds for clip cachexia.

Specifically designed web sites for nomadic platforms create a more accessible, user-friendly, fast and straight-to-the-point user-interface.

Mobile Shopping Mall aims to supply an mCommerce experience where users continually on the move are able to seek and purchase in a really fast, effectual and user-friendly nomadic platform.

Context Background

The popularity of nomadic electronic devices such as Tablet PCs, Smart phones and PDAs is continually increasing along with the popularity of on-line shopping and societal networking. ‘Smartphones with touch screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced Operating Systems are turning in popularity ‘ along with other ‘Mobile Internet Devices like the iPad ‘ ( AdMob Mobile Metrics, 2010 ) . Developing applications to work with these nomadic devices enables users to entree your application from wherever they want and whenever they need.

Online shopping has been around for rather a piece and with the popularity of nomadic devices holding an internet connexion, online shopping through nomadic devices ( m-commerce ) was possible. ‘While still in its babyhood, the construct of m-commerce has been refined in recent old ages and is get downing to go more popular ‘ ( What is M-Commerce? , 2010 )

I find constructing an M-commerce solution which is integrated with a societal networking website really interesting. One of the chief grounds for my involvement in this topic is because of the rapid growing of societal networking web sites, on the 2nd of June 2010 released a imperativeness release in which they stated that ‘Social Networking experienced the strongest growing in app entree, increasing 240 per centum to 14.5 million users ‘ ( Social Networking Ranks as Fastest-Growing Mobile Content Category, 2010 )

Aim and Aims


To supply a nomadic shopping solution to online resellers who would wish to get down up their ain store and get down selling on nomadic devices and to supply users the chance to shop in their ain comfort where they want, when they want and how they want.



Merchants will hold the ability to put up single stores which will hold their ain personalized design and by puting different options, alterations will so reflect on the design of their Mobile store. Customization will include research on customization techniques which will include the execution of CSS3.

Search and Filtering System

Users can seek for on-line stores or for merchandises in all stores through the system ‘s filtering system.

Recommendation System

Users will be able to acquire recommendations on things like similar merchandises, what other purchasers bought and what Facebook friends bought through the system ‘s recommendation system.


The web application will be optimized for nomadic devices such as Smartphones and will do usage of bing models such as jQuery and jQuery Mobile to heighten the user experience.

Integration with Social Networking

Mobile Shopping Mall will be integrated with the celebrated societal networking platform ‘Facebook ‘ utilizing their API.

Research Methodologies


As a research method I intend to detect bing systems which might be similar to the proposed system in order to come up with new thoughts for an ideal solution.


In footings of research, experimentation will be used while detecting new platforms, constructs and thoughts. The consequence of the experimentation will find if the topic should be implemented or discarded.

( Andromida, 2010 )

Evaluation Methodologies

Testing Types

I intend to run the undermentioned trials on the proposed system:

Unit of measurement Testing

Functional Testing

System Testing

Serviceability Testing

Beta Testing

After proving, I intend to utilize the SWOT Analysis to happen the strengths, failings, chances and menaces on the proposed system.

Undertaking Deliverables

The followers is a list of deliverables that will be produced in order to run into the aims mentioned above:

Having a shopping solution available on nomadic devices which will offer Customization to Merchants and by merely puting and altering pre defined scenes, the merchandiser ‘s store will take a different and individualized expression.

Optimizing the shopping solution for nomadic platforms, this will include the ‘iPhone ‘ platform and the ‘Android ‘ platform.

A web content direction system ( CMS ) for merchandisers to pull off their store.

A hunt and filtering system designed and developed specifically to work on nomadic devices to make a user-friendly attack to mobile shopping for the user.

A recommendation system which will help the users while shopping online and suggest related merchandises.

Integrating the system with a well-knows societal networking platform, ‘Facebook ‘ which will give users the personalization experience they get from societal networking through the ‘Facebook API ‘ . Integration with ‘Facebook ‘ will besides be an of import portion in the recommendation system.

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