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 MODERN DAY HEROES CHANGING MINDSETS: BE FINANCIALLY LITERATE Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are claimed to be the country’s modern day heroes because of their contributions to thePhilippines’ ailing economy. However, many OFWs face financial problems, often employed in poor working conditions, and suffer family separation.A Filipino who desires to work overseas purposes when he/she is willing to leave family for a potentially difficult and lonely job outside the country: to earn income and save money for the future of their family and still bereft of savings and without a fallback career in the Philippines.The common problem among OFWs, are victim to loan sharks while some to extend work abroad in years. The problem starts even before OFWs leave the Philippines; they take a loan to pay for the placement fee,they pawn their properties just to pay.Also they need to pay for their children’s education and the expenses of their family.And when an emergency comes up, they really have no choice but to take another loan. Some end up using their passport as collateral. Oftentimes, they only wanted to work abroad for only 3-5 years so they can be with their families back home, and still not enough investment to enable them to retire. This is a sad scenario of many OFW around the world. Financial literacy is important for the OFW’s and to the families they leave behind in the Philippines, because they demand excessively and unreasonably from the OFWs. They need to focus on making their hard earned money productive.  Financial Literacy is the most effective tools for OFW and their families, giving the necessary information, skills; overseas workers can make the correct choice, which is, availing the best financial products that suit their financial goals.  It’s interesting to know that most OFWs, still their end goal is still to go home and live in the country.Financial Literacy is not so much about the money, as it is about the pursuit of a better life of the individual and his or her family. FINANCIAL LITERACYREMITTANCES AS INVESTMENT  Save first before spending. Most families of OFWs spend first and then save what is left after spending, if there is anything left. They must decide how much they must save every month to attain their dream house or save for their retirement fund within a given time.They need to barely differentiate between needs and wants. This becomes the root  financial problems. Because Filipinos earn more abroad, there is the temptation to spend a lot more. They should commit to save part of their earnings through their bank-time deposit; or invest in mutual funds,stocks, become mere investor in local cooperatives, lend money in micro-finance institutions or to save with insurance by a Variable Unit Link Insurance.