Molly Pitcher Essay

Claire Webster Molly Pitcher Molly Pitcher was truly# an American heroine. She was born on October 13 . She later moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania,Sadly# to work as a hardworking# domestic# servant. In# 1768 she married John Casper Hays on July 24, 1769. Because#You will learn how the ordinary Mary Ludwig got to be the famous Molly Pitcher,I will tell you what to expect. What her war life was like#,and what she did after the war#.

“Mary Ludwig” a. k. a.Molly Pitcher was born on a placid# New Jersey farm in 1744.

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In# her teens she was hired as a maid for a rich# family. She married the family’s son. Because Her husband joined the Minutemen, She moved to Pennsylvania and became a “Camp Follower”. That is a person who happily# tends to the sick and wounded and cooks food. Gladly# she carried water to all the men because it was so warm out. They like#d her.

Thats how Molly Pitcher got her name. Because she moved one year of her life was spent in the war camp 1769.Gladly# She cooked in the camp where all the men stayed. During the war her husband got shot so she took over the canon that he was running# and was very brave and General Washington made her “General Molly”. So much for that move Sadly# Molly’s husband died she was very upset but did not give up. She remarried after the war,and continued with her life as best she could.

Al tho it was hard without her old husband,She kept working the canon and bringing water to the men.Her life after the war was more peaceful# and she had time to settle down and after start a family. In# the beginning Mary Ludwig was not famous# but she became Molly Pitcher bravely# and with confidence. She ran a cannon with the strength of a man! There was never a braver# woman on the battle field. She never gave up. Quietly# she also settled down and became “normal”. We must never forget,Molly Pitcher, the first American heroine.

the end.