Monarch Butterfly Essay

The Monarch butterfly is best known as the North American butterfly. It has been found in New Zealand and Austria. This butterfly is famous for its southward mass migration and northward return in summer from Canada to Mexico and Baja California, which spans the life of three to four generations.

North American monarchs are the only butterflies that make such an enormous journey, up to 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers). Monarch butterflies must start the journey each fall ahead of cold weather; otherwise the cold weather will kill them.Monarch butterflies cannot fly in the raining. When it is raining they hold onto trees or bushes. If wet monarchs get knocked off these branches, they sometimes get stuck on the ground. If they are too wet, they cannot fly because their wings are too heavy. However, monarchs do not need to stay entirely dry.

If they do get wet, they just remain still until the water evaporates off their body. Experts and scientist do not know exactly how butterflies know where to go and when to migrate.Some scientists have shown that they use the sun, and also probably the earth’s magnetic field to know which way is south during the fall migration.

Monarch butterflies do not hibernate. When they migrate they keep their food in their abdomens. Monarch butterflies reproduce only one egg at a time. In a day they can reproduce over 200 eggs. Monarch butterflies are unique, it is sad that the monarch butterfly population is in danger because of the disappearing milkweed.