The opportunity to offer their students Essay

I think that money is a key factor today in American schools. For instance, if you take a kid who has been going to a wealthy school, and a kid who has been going to a deprived school, test show that the student from the wealthy school is more likely to succeed, on top of graduating high school. The wealthy schools have a better base to build on. They have the advantage of keeping up with the moving times, such as computers, updated Encyclopedias, great learning environment, and more importantly the Internet. These are all very important materials that the more advanced schools have the opportunity to offer their students.

While the poor schools must just “take what they get. ” Of course when you think of inner city schools you probably think trouble. But people are letting the “bad seeds” ruin it for the rest of the students. A poor school does not have the money to properly educate a student who would love to learn. Bringing umbrellas to school, come on that is a little ridiculous. The state needs to recognize the poor standards that some schools have, not that they don’t want to educate, just that they don’t have the spending power. Some schools spending power is far too much than needed.

Sure it is nice to give a student all they need, but you must think that every new computer bought could go to a new roof on a deprived school. When you put the two, a new roof and a computer, together which one would you think is more important. The roof is obviously the more important. Schools like Dublin can afford to take a little pay cut. They are so far ahead of the rest of the schools, that I am sure they can handle to let the worse off schools have a little of their luxury money. I know for the rich schools that seems a little crude, but let’s not be so selfish, let’s be a little more considerate.

My opinion is that the students in the richer schools at least grow up to get a job. So if you think about it just giving a student a great place to learn may change their views on life. Students who would usually drop out of high school just might stay in high school because the environment is much better than they get at home. You could actually use school, for some students, as a place where people can hang out, instead of a student just dropping out and going to a bar or something. So just having the spending power, and the proper facilities may change how a student feels about schooling.