Motivation because you are prepared for any

Motivation is the stimulation of someone to perform certain actions, and oftenthis concept is used in the field of personnel management.

 There are traditional methods of motivation, material and non-material, non-standard and so on. We all know about this . Questions begin to arise when the motivation is concerned with themselves – how to motivate themselves? And it is to motivate, and not forcefully, to do this or that act? Motivate for success, to achieve the goal, in general to motivateto action? What and how to do it, and what is better to avoid?Let’s look at the order of the methods that directly depend on you, on your thinking and the ability to properly adjust yourself:1) Our thoughts are material , and each of us has been convinced of this more than once or twice . Therefore, the first approach is the path to self-motivation – is to get rid of negativethoughts, suspense and pessimistic forecasts. Every time you imagine the worst outcome of anycase, draw it yourself in the most gloomy colors, you are the most direct way are contributing to ensure that the way it happened on the case! “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” -soberly assess the situation, think about the worstoutcome, prepare for it and release these disturbing thoughts. Everything will work out the best way already because you are prepared for any development of events.2) Every new day is a new opportunity to win – above ourselves, at work, on the way to the goal, in personal relationships , etc. Remember that you and only you make a choice: to win or lose in a particular situation.

 Just open your eyes in the morning, think about what will be better today than yesterday, because you have so many opportunities to win small victories, do something good and improve anything in your life. You have since the morning, even despite the earlyrise, charge yourself with positive energy, will be resourceful throughout the day, strong and confident in yourself and in your actions. You control your life and its perception – do it so that every morning you want to get out of bed, act and just enjoy life.

3) After the previous approach, the following: the best self-motivation is the one that begins in the morning. It does not matter if it’s Monday, Wednesday or Sunday morning – the main thing is that you set yourself up earlier than usual and did it voluntarily. It is logical that since you first got up, then you will have time to do more than usual. Even if wetalk about the early rise on Sunday, when there is no urgent business and do not need to rush anywhere, then you have a lot of time that you can spendto myself: to read a book that was postponed for a long time, to go to the pool, meet with a few old friends, or take a leisurely walk with children and family in a local park