Motivation in Consumer Behavior Essay

Any purposeful action to be taken by consumers in purchasing products requires enough motivation to generate the urgency, energy and drive to satisfy that need. (Blackwell, Roger, 2006, p. 226) This actually means when involve in marketing, we have to think about things that can really urge our consumer to buy our products. Consumer motivation also will lead the consumers to have the needs to be able to be satisfying both the physiological and psychological needs. The physiological and psychological needs which include safety and health needs, love and companionship, need for financial resources and security.

Due to the human needs, these lead many companies try to motivate the consumer by linking their products to the consumer’s needs. From our research, take Apple Company as an example; We can see the strategy that they use is to arouse the consumers’ curiosity. Our attention usually will attract by things that are new to us. It actually motivates us to learn and create a desire inside us that we want to know more. As we can see, Apple Company which innovates many technologies for the users to adapt.

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Example of that we can see from iPhone, iPad and iPod. These products which create a curiosity inside the consumer. On the other hand, Apple also educates the potential customer, and provide more information about their product to the consumer. Now we can see, most of the consumer when they are satisfied with the product of iPhone 4S, the Apple Company has aroused the curiosity of the consumer the information about iPhone 5. People around the world were keeping guessing, looking for information, and researchabout what will come out with iPhone 5.

As we can see, innovation the technology becomes one of the tools to motivate the consumer. Instead of the company find out what the consumer needs, they decided to lead the consumer in their ideas of the products. iPhone and iPad are the best example which lead many other competitors follow and come out the same kind of product to compete with them. Apple’s motto: “Think Different” which means they encourage the consumers to think and not rely on the company only follow the customers’ wants. Money is also another effective manner to motivate customers to buy their products.

Money is one of the biggest factors in influencing whether consumers will buy the products and services. Price cuts, specials, discounts, rebates and coupons are tactics that can be used by companies to motivate purchase. Although these tactics might cause resulting sales to increase, it might not necessarily mean profits will increase as well. As these tactics causes the price to decrease, this directly reduces the profit of the companies. However, it provides a long term advantage as these tactics attract customers less likely to repeat.

When the consumers realize that the products and services bought are worth the prices they pay for them, they will not be reluctant to buy them in the near future. That is why Apple has a large customer base. The prices that they place for their products are reasonable, with the technology, functions, features and applications available on their products. According to the Apple website, the current Malaysian price of RM1799. 00 for iPhone 4S inclusive of 90 days of free telephone technical support and a one-year limited warranty is very reasonable and will definitely attract customers to buy their products.