Motivation Letter Essay

Dear Sir/ Madam, First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Michaela Slobodova. I come from Slovakia, but currently living in Prague. I study bachelor Economy & Management and my main field is marketing. My strong interest is in photography, which I am studying simultaneously on another college. With this letter I would like to apply for participation in extraordinary event hold by European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic. I have received information about occasion by email. I immediately knew I want to be a part of it.

Environment of European Union, as a field, had always fascinated me right from my undergraduate college days. As I like political science & I have strong interest in European Union like organization. I feel huge chance to fulfill gap in my experiences. I am attending Photography college, and as I wrote at the same time with marketing. Actually, I am really satisfied with this combination. It reflects my interest. Partly I can choose a lot of courses connected with political science, history & European Union.

For 6 months I had studied subject European Union, which helped me better understand this huge organization. In the future I would like to become photojournalist. I am working as a part-time photographer, but also working like a volunteer photographer in International student club. I am also promoting international spirit at our university. Moreover, the opportunity from European Comission is a project, which will provide me with huge opportunity of having bigger international exposure and multicultural perspective.

I feel this opportunity would be especially for me. I am particularly fascinated in your project, due to my ambition to work in an international environment related with European Union & photojournalism. I aspire to know much more and I am sure I will learn much from this experience. Especially I am highly interested how EU is structured. I think it is really well developed organization, which I would like to know better. As I visited Brussels, I was completely amazed by this functional colossus.

In that time I was full of questions how it is functioning. My aim is also developed my education in history & know better EU. Attending this event would support my personal & professional growth. As I started studying in Prague I obtained experience in working with a wide variety of people. I was working for student parliament, in school library, department of marketing & I am still member of International student club, where I am working as a buddy coordinator and my competence is also visual communication & photography.

I enjoy teamwork, cooperation with different cultures & I know how to deal with it. I adjust myself easily fit into any work environment and cope effectively with stress of reaching deadline. I am able immediately to adapt to new situation and challenges in my new work. My other activities and interests include: music, photography, books, history, collecting vynils, travelling, architecture, design, gaining new experiences, meeting new people. I hope I am suitable participat to your unique event. Yours sincerely, Michaela Slobodova