Motivation Paper Essay

Three challenges that managers face in motivating his or her employees as opposed to 50 years ago are salary, security and job enrichment. Back in the older ages, people worked because they had to support their families.

How much the job paid was not too much of a factor because it did not matter if the person had a good paying job or not, as long as they had a job to pay the bills. The cost of living has gone up tremendously; therefore, we cannot accept any job just because we need to have a reliable source of income.People with children have even more of a challenge on their hands. They have to make enough to support themselves and their children. 50 years ago, having an education did not influence how much you were paid as it does today. For example, if you applied for a cashier job that paid $7.

00 an hour, that’s how much you would be paid whether you had a high school diploma or were a high school drop-out. Salary depends on your educational level. The lower paying jobs are for people that only graduated high school or received a GED.Just as the higher paying jobs are for people that have gone to college and received their degrees. Either way, it is easier for a manager to motivate an employee when salary is a key factor.

“Herzberg identified motivation factors as responsibility, achievement, recognition, advancement, and the work itself. ” It is said that when these factors are present that the person improves his or her work effort and performance. Job enrichment was not as much of a factor 50 years ago because again, people were not accepting jobs solely for the benefits or advancement.Currently, it is more challenging for a manager to keep his or her employees motivated because the standards have changed.

Managers have to consider a lot when they are trying to motivate their employees. They have to find ways to keep the employees interested in their line of work, they have to give some sort of incentive behind correctly completing assignments and they have to show some sort of loyalty towards their employees. Our economy has gone through many changes especially in terms of unemployment rates.Through job enrichment, a manager is able to keep their employees motivated because they can offer a benefit package that will boost that individuals’ morale and job satisfaction. Job security goes a very long way in today’s society. The security factor was not a huge factor back then because the turnover rate was a lot lower. People would pick a job and stick with it.

Whenever a person graduated high school, they would get a job that they would work until retirement. It is imperative to stay employed now. Otherwise, that will create bigger issues for the person involved and their family.Salary is an excellent source of motivation when it comes to living in this century. If a job is willing to pay a lucrative salary, the candidate will be more flexible in order to secure that job. Money has always been a great motivator but it has become more important today than it was 50 years ago.

For example, if a job is paying $50. 00 an hour, a person living twenty miles away will be willing to travel forty miles a day to and from work. That person would also be willing to put up with strenuous work conditions as well, just to keep that good paying job. 0 years ago, it was easier to secure a job because there were not that many qualifications to obtain it.

Now, a college degree is preferred for a good paying job. Job security gives the employee and the supervisor a sense of loyalty. If a person has the appropriate level of job security than it will make it easier for that person to stay motivated. For instance, if a person feels as though they are being isolated, they will not properly perform their job duties. The person will not put forth their best effort if there is a possibility they are close to termination.Nevertheless, if that employee knows that their job is secure then the manager will have an easier time keeping that employee motivated. Managers have to consider many things when they motivate a group of employees.

Not everyone is motivated by the same factors. It is the manager’s job to figure out which factors motivate their staff. While some employees are motivated by money, others are motivated by knowing that they have a stable place of employment. Ultimately, it is up to the manager to keep the morale and dedication of their employees intact.