Motivational Paper Essay

Motivation in learning plays a vital role. There are many personal motivational factors that influence the learning process both in and out the classroom setting. Motivation allows students to become positive about their own learning. Motivation can come from anyone or anywhere for example schools, teachers, friends, community, administration, and from parents. When someone receives motivation they are more likely to receive good grades, motivate others, and have better self-esteem.

Rarely does one hear parents complain about their pre-schooler is ‘unmotivated’ “(James Raffini 1993).When children are young that is the best time to motivate them because when you motivate them when they are young they are more likely to become better in that subject matter when they get older. According to Lile, “A student will find it difficult to perform in a stressful environment” (2002). Students are more likely to achieve when they are in a safe and secured environment. They will be able to think better without any concerns or complication.Teachers who motivate their students will be able to see a difference in that child behavior. Motivation is an important part of learning. Motivation can have the biggest impact on student learning.

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When it comes to motivation there are many factors. Motivation encourages students to become positive when they are having a hard time developing things on their own. Motivation has three important aspects and they have a solid connection.

When teachers motivate students they will develop a stronger relationship between each other.When people motivate others it helps inspire a person to do the right thing towards other people. I am a strong believer that when you practice given people positive stroke such as motivation it will become part of that person behavior. Motivation helps put smile on people face when ever you give them positive comment s or feedback.

Motivation is often used in the school system to help improve a child’s behavior and help student increase their test scores such as LEAP, IOWA, iLEAP, GEE, SAT, ACT, and etc.