Movie Analysis Of Braveheart Film Studies Essay

Some films have large war scenes with immense musical tonss to reflect the large action. One of these movie is Braveheart. William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, is the cardinal character and hero of the film. He is the incentive of work forces. He is a leader of work forces. He rallies his Scots countrymen to his belief that the English had to be fought and Scotland had to be independent. This movie has some immense conflict scenes of work forces contending manus to manus combat. These scenes are so realistic and dramatic for me to detect to give me a feel of this epoch of history when war was fought man-to-man.

William Wallace is a brave and epic figure in this movie. He is the 1 who believes in an independent Scotland and desires to stay free from the English influences from the South. He wants the Scots to retain their ain ways, their ain beliefs, and their ain cultural traditions separate from the English every bit long as possible. This film was cliff-hanging, dramatic, and entertaining for me from start to complete because of my regard for the cardinal character and hero, William Wallace, every bit good as the great musical mark to reflect the subjects, characters, and secret plan lines more strongly.

The music for this movie is basically designed to reflect the characters and the secret plan line. The long belligerent history of England and Scotland is an of import portion of the background narrative to this movie. Some of the subtitle text provides penetrations into this epoch of clip and the background of the relationship between the two peoples and the two lands. The Scots and English have ne’er truly been at peace with each other over the political authorization over the districts that comprise Scotland.

Even today, there could be arguments and differences found in the saloon in Scotland and England over precisely what the nature of their past relationship is and how it affects their current political relationship. This movie provides a living history lesson to that past clip period when the Scottish and English warriors fought it out over regard, unity, and the willingness to put everything on the line for freedom, independency, and separation from each other. The musical mark reflects these subjects as the heroic music is felt when Wallace and the Scots are making their thing, and the tenseness and subjugation of the English is felt when they are present and particularly when they are winning the conflicts.

The Scots spirit and disposition of this older clip period is clearly represented in the movie ‘s hero, William Wallace. The music attempts to magnify and amplify his heroic qualities. He is played by celebrated action hero histrion, Mel Gibson, who provides this character with relentless, brave energy and emotion from start to complete. William Wallace is able to take his Scots work forces into conflict with exceeding bravery and leading capablenesss. Wallace knows how to give his warriors a serious motivational address before these conflicts where the Scottish normally are underdog and at much lower odds to win against the normally superior English in respects to military work force and military arms.

Wallace is ever contending short-handed and with less arms than his English oppositions. Yet, at the same blink of an eye, Wallace is contending with his work forces for higher, religious causes and grounds that put their English oppositions frequently at the existent disadvantage. This motive and religious uplifting energy personified in this cardinal character, William Wallace, is the driving force behind the movie ‘s secret plan and conflict scenes. The musical flourishes are ever of import. The music dominates the action. The music is suppose to do us in the audience experience the action. Wallace makes his work forces and himself believe that they are capable of taking on any opposition ‘s force of any size and illustriousness and defeating that opposition because of their brave Black Marias.

Therefore, the music so reflects the cardinal subject in this movie about English-Scottish history and their long bequest of contending and warfare that the work forces with the braver hearts normally won over the work forces with the better arms and greater Numberss. Because the combat was face-to-face, hand-to-hand, the work forces with the braver Black Marias would finally accomplish triumph. The epic traits of these work forces are clearly reflected in the intense musical mark. William Wallace was cognizant of therefore all of import factor of the courageous bosom when actuating his warriors to contend it out with a more powerful enemy.

Wallace understands that the brave hearted work forces in his Scots forces are traveling to out battle and out last the English soldiers and warriors as the conflicts drag on. Wallace knows this is a war that has to be won on the religious degree foremost and foremost to be able to accomplish triumph on the battlegrounds. This is war that needs to be taken to the following degree spiritually and idealistically so Wallace can actuate his Scots work forces to believe in themselves no affair how bad it gets and now count how close licking attacks. This is a war that William Wallace believes that the Scottish have to will themselves to victory through their brave Black Marias.

Therefore, the musical mark in this movie was really of import for understanding the cardinal character, William Wallace, and his scope of emotions from high to low, from good to bad, and how he was ever seeking to convey out the best in his work forces. He is able to be the individual who can truly be a hero and the musical mark was able to reflect these heroic qualities, particularly the music during the conflict scenes.

Film No. 2


The music is alien in this movie because of the fact that the cardinal characters in this movie are in four different topographic points and scenes at the same time. One of the cardinal characters is Richard. He is the affluent white American adult male who has taken his married woman to Morocco to salvage their matrimony. Another cardinal character is Richard ‘s nursemaid, Amelia, who is charge of the two kids back in San Diego. A 3rd cardinal character is Chieko in Tokyo, Japan whose male parent is the 1 who originally gave the hunting rifle to a runing usher during a Morocco hunting trip in the yesteryear.

A 4th set of cardinal characters are the two brothers, Ahmed and Yussuf, who are boies of a caprine animal Herder in charge of the caprine animals and hiting Canis aureuss with the gun their male parent Abdulla purchased from Hassan the hunting usher for a good monetary value. These cardinal characters are all in gesture at four different topographic points and scenes at the same time. The manager does an first-class occupation in painting the musical mark the right manner for this secret plan line, the character development, and the overall temper of the movie.

The Morocco scene to get down the movie offers some traditional music from this part that truly does convey an ‘exotic ‘ temper to the gap. The two immature brothers, Ahmed and Yussuf, are truly making what childs do when given the duty of a laden gun. These immature brothers begin make bolding each other to seek hiting things with it besides the intended Canis aureuss as their male parent desired. The two brothers begin hiting at marks to prove the gun. Ahmed so turns and shoots at a passing auto down on the mountain route. Yussuf, who is a much better shooting, takes the gun and shoots at a tour coach coming down the same mountain route in the distance. The male childs do n’t believe nil happened at first, but so the coach slows to a halt. The male childs take off running every bit fast as they can and go disquieted ill about the accident.

They know that person was likely injured or killed by the gun shooting fired by Yussuf who had a good purpose excessively. And they hide the information from their male parent Abdulla at first because of the great fright of acquiring caught. This secret becomes even more important when Abdulla at dinner reveals that an American tourer had been shot on a circuit coach in their country. This is something that strikes great fright in the Black Marias of these two immature brothers. In bend, they want to do certain they do n’t acquire caught for it. These determinations are typical of two immature brothers who look out for each other ‘s dorsum.

Yet, when the constabulary research worker comes up the private road when their male parent is non about, the male childs lie about the location to purchase more clip for themselves and to allow them the chance to state their male parent. This tell-all to the male parent becomes a bad clip for the brothers as they fight, turn on each other, and go bitterly mad at each other. The male parent fears their safety and decides to fly with them and the rifle. The music in the sequence having the male parent and two brothers is really dark and alien in quality because they are mountain inhabitants who live really simple lives. Yet, they are all of a sudden wrapped up in this atrocious calamity.

The traumatic sequence in the movie having Richard is something that is cliff-hanging, tense, and tragic in tone and deduction because of the musical mark attach toing his presence in the narrative line. The uninterrupted fright in him that his married woman will decease from the gun shooting lesion to her cervix without any proper medical assistance on this small town mountain top in Morocco. Richard ‘s character goes through so many different sorts of emotions during his ordeal waiting for the medical chopper. He has to hammer swearing dealingss with Moroccan villagers, including the small town therapist, every bit good as relationships with his fellow coach riders for a clip period to seek to acquire them to see his quandary and his calamity from his places.

Richard is a maestro at acquiring people to experience like he does and hold empathy for his place in this ordeal. The character of Richard Teachs us in the movie audience the terrorizing state of affairs of being face to face with a tragic loss of a loved 1. At many points, Richard ‘s married woman seems ready to decease. This invariable on the border of his place about her decease makes him reflect on many things in his life. He becomes a different sort of adult male than he was before this shot incident occurred. The music is tense, Moody, and altering all the clip during this dorsum and Forth state of affairs with Richard and his injured married woman. The villagers are seeking to assist them but they do n’t hold the medical engineering necessary to salvage her. The music becomes sorrowful as Richard faces the world of her at hand decease coming shortly.

The cardinal character of Amelia, Richard ‘s hired nursemaid, is another fascinating individual for us in the movie audience in relation to music and her character development because of her hazards and daring of personality to take Richard ‘s kids without his permission to her boy ‘s nuptials in Mexico. She will non lose her boy ‘s nuptials no affair what she has to make. These white kids are really loath to travel to Mexico. They are socialized to fear Mexicans and Mexico itself. However, in the sequences of the nuptials and nuptials jubilation, these two white kids become happier and more relaxed the more merriment they start holding with the Mexican kids their same age. The music in this sequence of the movie is really of import and it reflects the good clip everyone is holding. This is likely the most of import musical subdivision in the movie.

Film No. 3

The Color Purple

In watching this movie, The Color Purple, my consciousness and cognition of the battle of the African American people in the Deep South earlier this century was increased significantly. This movie ‘s sets, background scenery, music, and characters were all arranged to convey the most dramatic consequence on us in the audience. The first-class public presentation of the histrions and actresses was critical to understanding the secret plan and action, but the musical mark provides the emotions and hurting felt by these characters.

The supporter, Celie, is a hapless adult female with small instruction who at age 14 is sexually abused and impregnated by her ain male parent, Alphonso. After she is moved out of her household place, she is forced to get married this widowman with several kids. This hubby is called ‘Mister ‘ throughout the drama. Celie has to cover with physical maltreatment from him every bit good. This drama is about Celie ‘s development from a naive, uneducated adult female to a brave, single adult female who stands up for herself. This musical mark in the early portion of the movie is a tragic one which gives us a feeling about Celie ‘s character. She is confronting such atrocious things and her life is affected by it.

The music becomes stronger as Celie learns to stand up for herself and go a stronger individual because of two strong adult females, Sofia and Shug Avery. These two adult females prove to Celie that she as a adult female must sometimes stand up for herself. For illustration, in one scene, Sofia, who is Harpo ‘s married woman, is contending back with Harpo. This show of bravery and strength by Sofia impresses Celie. In another scene, Shug demonstrates her bravery to talk her head and convey to Celie that a adult female can be an independent, unafraid animal when desiring to be. In this movie, Celie learns from Sofia and Shug how to be an grownup adult female. Sofia provides the stamina and bravery shows against her hubby Harpo that impress Celie and do her recognize her demand to be more like her. Shug ends up going Celie ‘s lover who shows her the joys and pleasances of gratifying sex between two adult females which is the opposite sort of sex from what she gets from her hubby called ‘Mister. ‘ Shug is really Mister ‘s kept woman who comes to populate in the family because of hapless wellness.

Even though at first Shug is really average and aggressive towards Celie, the two adult females began to hold a sexual attractive force for one another. Furthermore, Shug remains in the family to assist protect Celie from Mister ‘s physical maltreatment. This friendly relationship blossoms into a love relationship which is a cardinal portion of the whole drama. Celie and Shug are making the unthinkable for two adult females populating in the same family purportedly both lovers of Mister. These two adult females are holding a sapphic love matter right under the olfactory organ of Mister. The musical mark during their sexual minutes and love minutes is really of import in the development of Celie ‘s character as she learns to truly care about person else, Shug.

This is a dramatic portion of the drama because of the out nature of it. I thought the public presentations of the two actresses for this cardinal scene in the movie when the friendly relationship turns into a love matter was first-class. I was on the border of my place inquiring what was traveling on. Yet, in a sense, this is what a great movie is all about and the music fit the scene absolutely. Celie and Shug have crossed a out line in Mister ‘s family. He has no construct that these two adult females would be making this behind his dorsum. He does n’t hold a hint but us in the audience know precisely what is traveling on.

Music plays an of import portion in this movie in developing the realtionships among the characters. One of the more of import relationships for Celie that does n’t emerge until the terminal of the drama is with her sister Nettie. Celie has long thought that Nettie may be dead since she ne’er received any letters from her. Celie is introduced to lost letters from Nettie to happen out that her sister is n’t dead but has traveled to Africa with some missionaries and returned. This find empowers Celie to believe that her sister was alive the whole clip.

The musical interludes are really of import to demo the hopeful temper of Celie. The authorization from acquiring to cognize herself besides has something to make with her facing her opprobrious hubby and stating him off for the old ages of maltreatment she endured. At the terminal of the movie, Celie feels her authorization and independency as a adult female. She has the bravery to travel to Tennessee with Shug Avery and another adult female to get down a profitable concern run uping trim bloomerss. Upon her return to Georgia, she has inherited a batch of land from her stepfather and her hubby, Mister, has reformed his ways. In the really end, everything comes to right order and Nettie and Celie are reunited.

The music plays out in a happy mode and the movie brings these two sisters back together in a happy reunion.

This is an interesting movie experience for me because it makes me understand the adversities and battle of the hapless black adult females of the earlier portion of this century in the Deep South. Celie, the supporter, was an interesting character who had to digest so much hurting and so adult male jobs in her life as an African American adult female. Although she finds her ain individuality and empowers herself through her following the two function theoretical accounts of Sofia and Shug, the hurting is apparent in most of her state of affairss. The musical mark was really of import for her character development.