Movie Analysis of “the Breakfast Club” Essay

The features of Generation-Xers were efficiently showed in this movie. For most Generation-Xers they were lack of sense of safety and social identity, they were dissatisfied with the government because a lack of trust in leadership, which caused their misleading personality trait. When they watch The Breakfast Club they have to have the same sense of this movie. In the United States only a small part of people had taken drug in 1980s but over half of Breakfast Clubber had smoked drug before or at their high school period. John Bender was a troublemaker in teachers’ eyes and he really was.

He brought drug to school and let others smoke it. Breakfast Clubbers were willing to confirm that they were materialism. They believed in the money and wealth, which made them lack of trust in people’s relationship. Claire Standish was an absolute materialist. She had everything she wanted and her father was enjoying offering her what he could give. The crimes in people under eighteen were dropped as the first Breakfast Clubbers appeared. Andrew was bullied a boy in his school but at last he took responsibility of his impulse and went to the club, he did what a real criminal should did.

As the Generation-Xers did not have social identity most of them had no goals to set for future and no one would show them the direction if they did not fight for it. Brian Johnson was a nerd who only focused on study and his family. He joined the Breakfast Club because the teacher found a gun in his locker. He was planned to commit suicide because got a B in a class, he was so feared because his father pushed lots of pressure to him and he was relied on the family’s expectation, which he was live for. What can you blame me?

I do not understand why he mysteriously disappeared for so long… you know three years were not a short term. The long-time waiting just drove me crazy, as I told you, I cannot bear that long to wait him back. The good bottle does not exist, but I still keep it with me, you are Mycroft, a Holmes, I do not think you have no sense about that. Yeah, you are right, the inspiration never come out from your tiny brain. So do not stop me, the one last please, let me out of here. Where? The trap, Sherlock trapped me for three year and that is long enough, he needed me so I should go.

The social background of Generation-X makes the song “Don’t you remember me? ” become irony. The Generation-X was an ignored and excluding generation in some meanings. Their education was high enough but there was a gap between what they paid and what they got after graduated, most of rights were taken and they always thought hopeless about the future. And for most generation-Xers’ families the mother’s role was different. Most mothers were workers and they did not have much time to take care of their children, which made the Generation-X become ignored in another side.