Movie Piracy Essay

Selling copies of a movie that you do not have the rights to is illegal. The only people who are allowed to sell movies are retail stores and companies that make agreements with the copyright holder. If you uncle produces the next Blood Diamond movie and you have access to it, that does not give you the right to sell it just because you can make copies of it on your home computer. There is a wide underground market around the country that is involved in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of pirated movies.

This may not be very important to many citizens. However, movie piracy is still wrong.It does not matter if the movie is copied and sold in high quantity or if it is copied from a friend for personal use. There are laws that confirm how copying movies without proper authorization is illegal. Those who copy and sell movies without proper licensing are performing an illegal act. Those who purchase pirated movies are contributing to illegal activity. It takes money from motion picture studios and filmmakers.

That creates indications of bad character in people who pirate movies. Those who copy movies illegally for the purpose of reselling them are stealing.They are stealing from all who have been a part of a particular production. It is no different than stealing other goods such as electronics, cars or jewels. All of these goods are products that are intended for sale.

Movie pirates know that they can make money off of a particular product. In this case, the product is movies. However, this product is often someone else’s movie. instead of making their own movies or licensing one, movie pirates steal popular Hollywood and independent films.

Consumers who buy pirated movies are contributing to theft.