Movie Review: Crash Essay

Crash Essay The movie Crash conveys the message that conflicts between races is due to a lack of understanding and communication. Though the central meaning of Crash is centered around race, I think the movie has a deeper meaning.

I think this movie speaks about people in general; how we treat and interact with one another and how we think of one another. In general people think everything racist is between whites and blacks, but if you look closely in this movie you see minorities and people of the same race being racists towards each other.Furthermore, this movie is trying to convey that because different races don’t bother to try understanding each other or accepting people from different backgrounds that they have hostile relationships. In addition, the message is saying that once you make an effort to overcome your own prejudices and at least attempt to understand the other person that healthy relationships between different races are possible.For example, when Sandra Bullock finally realizes that she has no real friends she accepts that her only friend is her Hispanic house maid. She was blind the entire movie until she overcame her personal barriers and realized that she had a true friend in her housekeeper.

Personally, I think everybody makes stereotypes towards different races; sometimes even unknowingly. Sometimes these stereotype are harmless, like all Asians are smart or all White people are rich. On the other hand, some stereotypes can be hurtful.For example, in the movie one stereo type is all Black people are criminals or Hispanics are gang-bangers.

In addition, prejudices can come from a variety of different origins. Sometimes they stem from what we see in the media or the reputations certain races have acquired over the years. For example, when Sandra Bullock grabbed her husband’s arm when they were walking past two young black guys probably was due to the fact that black men have been generally known to be violent and dangerous criminals.Fortunately, I don’t let my personal (harmless) prejudice get in the way of my relationships with people of different races. I judge people and the relationships I make based on the way people treat me as an individual. I’ve noticed over the years that my relationship with white friends has grown distance and my relationship with black friends have grown closer. When I was younger I suppose race wasn’t as apparent when I chose my friends.

However, now as that I am a teenager I think it has become a little more apparent.I think that it easier to befriend people that you have things in common with. This is not to say that I have nothing in common with white people or that I choose my friends based on their race, but that generally I have more in common with black people and I tend to gravitate towards them. I think I do this because we generally have the same interests, economic backgrounds, and hobbies. Lastly, it’s usually easier to bond with people that you feel more comfortable around.