Introduction Mrs Johnstone tells the reader at

Introduction It is a widely held belief that we are born innocent and our environment largely governs our path through life. The environment may be described as physical location, cultural influence and the society around you. However, there are those who would argue that genetics plays an equally, if not more important role. Essay In the story of ‘Blood Brothers’, I am going to introduce the situation between two boys, which are twins, but are separated at birth and both of the boys grow up in different environments. Mickey lives with his biological mother, Mrs Johnstone, and his seven siblings.

His father had walked out and left his wife and children, while his wife was pregnant with Edward and Mickey. We know this when Mrs Johnstone tells the reader at the beginning of the story, she says: “Me husband, he’d walked out on me A month or two ago For a girl they say who looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe. ” Mrs Johnstone’s husband found her attractive, since she looked like Marilyn Monroe, knowing this when Mrs Johnstone says: “He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe” Mickey came from a poor background, his mother was always in debt, and she needed money for the children’s meals, toys and clothes.

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Mickey’s idol is Sammy, his older brother. Sammy influences Mickey, for example when Mickey explains to the reader how he wants to be just like Sammy: “I wish I was out Sammy Our Sammy’s nearly ten He’s got two worms and a catapult An he’s built a underground den But I’m not allowed to go in there Cos me mam says I’m only seven But I’m not, I’m nearly eight. ” I think that Mickey’s idol is Sammy since mickey doesn’t have a father to guide him in life, so mickey follows Sammy’s footsteps. The type of language that mickey uses, is slang and he has a Liverpudlian dialect.

For instance when he talks to his mother, he calls her “mam. ” Mickey uses slang as his type of language because it is the way he was brought by his mother and his mother, brothers and sisters does use slang and this is how he was influenced, example: “Ey mother, I’m starvin’ an there’s nothin’ in. ” “Mam, mam the baby’s cryin’. ” Mickey knows the bad language for instance swearing words and mickey most probably learnt that kind of words from Sammy, example when Sammy said to Mickey “fuck off” mickey doesn’t really have a good education, he didn’t know what a dictionary is:

“Don’t you know what a dictionary is? ” Mickey replied “Course I do……. it is a, it’s a thingy innit? ” Mickey is the type of person who doesn’t enjoy school or value education. This may be due to his personality or it may be because his mother does not encourage him to value education. Other people treat mickey unfairly since people say that the Johnstone family are not pleasant family to be with. Parents tell their children to stay away from Mrs Johnstone’s children, which people say that they are troublemakers. This is demonstrated by the policeman’s visit to see mickey and Mrs Johnstone.

The policeman went to Mrs Johnstone house and was telling her off because Mickey was firing air pistols. They way the policeman was treating Mrs Johnstone was very awful, for example: “He was about to commit a serious crime, love. Now, do you understand that? You don’t wanna end up in court again, do y’? ” “Well, that’s what’s gonna happen if I have nay trouble from one of yours. I warned you last time, didn’t I, Mrs Johnstone, about you Sammy? ” (Mrs johnstone nods) “Well, there’ll be no more bloody warnings from now on. Either you keep them in order. Missis, or it’ll be the courts for you, or worse, won’t it?

” They way that the policeman speaks to Mrs Johnstone is quite different to the tone he uses when he speaks to Mrs Lyons. He speaks to Mrs Lyons is more respectful. Edward was brought up in very different circumstances. The Lyons family brought him up. This reason is because Mr and Mrs Lyons are unable to have a child of their own. So Mrs Lyons then wanted to adopt a child, but Mr Lyons disagrees in adoption because he wants a child of his own, not some else’s. This evidence is told when Mrs Lyons telling Mrs Johnstone. “We’ve been trying for such a long time now…