Multimedia security

Introduction Information has become the source of billion dollar investment and
multi billion dollar income. Enforcing proper security measures on the
information has therefore become vital. It is following this idea that many
security algorithms has mushroomed to the occasion in a considerable quicker
period of time. In the field of Multimedia, there is an increased requirement
for security, due to various threats which includes replication of digital data
without any information loss, and manipulations of the same without any
detection. As the utility and usage of the Internet has grown considerably,
multimedia documents are easily copied through un-authorized and illegal
channels. It is following this reason that the authors of the work hesitate to
publish their work electronically, fearing the threat that it can be pirated
easily. Once the information or the content is acquired by miscreants, it can
be easily modified by employing some specific software tools and further, can
be claimed by them as their own work. This is definitely a horrendous act that
has subsequently wasted the efforts and hard-work put in by the original
author, depriving them from getting due rewards and honour for the same. In
order to put things in its place, there should be some mechanism which would
uniquely sort out the problem by identifying the document and its owner. The
mechanism ought to be convincing enough in providing evidences of a document’s
ownership and substantiate it by providing credible proof. The mechanism should
be able to trace the spots where leaks have occurred and to map out all the modifications
that have been done to the document. It should also take into consideration the
problem of modification of the data by any of the third party or
un-authenticated clients, as it forms the root cause for fake ownership. 1.1
Purpose of the Report Many new requirements and challenges have been
mushroomed. One of chief among them is the security measure. As and when new
type of media was available on net, corresponding security systems came to the
fore that was specific to a particular media data. Though effective systems are
available to ensure security in each type of media data, one common technique
that would provide security to all multimedia documents failed to exist.