MuseumVisitMicaelC Essay

“Seeing is always better then hearing”. In my visit to Michael C. Carols Museum at Emory university, we observed ancient Egyptian, African, Greek, and Roman art. Inside the museum, there were two floors containing a variety of paintings, items, and sculptures. Besides, there was an entire section of Divine Intervention: African Art & Religion. This temporary exhibit included ancient African masks, statues, jewelry, and clothing. The first level was very crowded since it contained major Greek and Roman allergies.

Furthermore, it displayed Asian and South American art. The Greek and Roman art section was filled with ancient sculptures of important figures such as Tuberous and Julius Caesar. It also had everyday items that the Romans and Greeks used in their time period. Some of these items were pots, bowls, jars, weapons, and containers. Moreover, the galleries defined Classical and Hellenic Greek periods with plenty examples of each. Other than the galleries, there were gift shops for visitors as well.

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On the top level, there was ancient Egyptian art. This included several mummies and coffins of Egyptian pharaohs. Moreover, there was a special mummy on display protected by thick glass. This mummy was not in a coffin and was in a recumbent position. Also, this section was the most interesting part of this visit for me. Overall, this museum was very interesting in terms of discovering ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and African cultures and traditions. I learned about different styles of artworks and their makings.