Music Communication Essay

Music, it’s a sense of direction, an escape, a trend, a mental, and a physical support for certain individuals from moral support to motivate situation such as using music to reach a goal. However, from an artist’s point of view music it can be their escape by expressing their feelings or a situation to others while making melodies creating music. “Today it is one of the most powerful ways to influence, enhance, educate or even destroy one’s mind. Especially, young minds! No matter what nationality, handing down history or sending information through music breaks all color barriers. ” Johnson, Jr. (1999)

People select different music at different time concordance with listening time’s mood and objectives. Anyone can observe that music can have the power to changes one’s emotions. Certain types of music can bring the listener to a happy state of mind, which in turn drives away depression and stress. Spiritual songs gives them the thought about others and the afterlife; considering it a best way to reduce sins and to repeal darkness from peoples’ minds. Hip Hop works numerous ways with people, it can make them dance or it can be a way to communicate with people by understanding the artist’s point of view.

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Country music motivates people to love their country and its people. For example, after the attack of 9/11 Tobey Keith’s inspirational song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Bluesome” had given the message to Americans to be patriotic and encouraged to fight back against terrorism. Music has the power to our emotions that are easily being persuaded. Music catches our attention and stimulates our brain. It’s also a powerful memory aid. For instance, remembering a catchy advertising jingle that is constantly running through peoples head.

It’s the perfect example of repetitive messages. If people listened to someone slowly toning “you can do it!! ” over and over, they’ll tune it out and ignore it. But when adding that same message into the chorus of a catchy song, people will definitely listen. Research has proven that music has a significant effect on one’s state of mind and physical health in general. Health practitioners are using music therapy to manage the health condition of several patients including children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even patients with cancer.

This type of therapy is also used to calm the patients, relieve stress, encourage physical movement, manage the level of pain, and push away depression. Carla (2009) Music can be a nutrient of mind to some people. The sound body and sound mind considers giving people good health. We are passing to an era that is becoming very materialistic that makes everyone struggle to follow others. The consequence is stress. Stress causes many diseases like psychological problem, diabetes, and hypertension and so on. Many researches show that music can helpful to relieve mental agitation.

As body and mind are related, a calm mentality helps our body to be calm also. For instance, if a person passes a rough day at work and after reaching home usually they listen to a classical music in which makes the person comfortable. Majority of the people do not have enough time to read good books because of rushed schedules and it takes them too long get into it. With music it becomes very interesting because of rhythmic. It is possible to express some style content in songs. As songs are played in with rhythm, our minds can absorb easily.

Brewer (1995) Music expresses the feelings and emotions that music stirs within the majority of us. The genre is not very important, although exposure to a wide variety is. All music has their place in someone’s heart. All have a history, as people progress, the fusion between some of them is amazing. By being introduced to music becomes the tool to communicate with others. Like playing an instrument, musicians speak different languages but when it comes to instrument they know exactly they’re saying to each other. Learning to dance or sing gives them a sense of purpose and self esteem, as well as teaching them discipline, tolerance and teamwork.


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