Music Music courses in the US- Music

Music is an invisible cloak for many of us, you put it on and lose yourself in its midst of calmness.
It would be unjust to describe music.
When you close your eyes and lose yourself in music, the world fades away and the realities of life disappear.
Did you know?

None of them from The Beatles couldn’t read music.

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Also, Elvis Presley did not write any of his songs.

Loud Music can make you drink more in less time! So, next time DON’T TURN UP the volume!!!

British Navy used Britney Spears’ songs to scare off Somalian Pirates!!!

Queen never got a Grammy award, but Bieber did??

There’s a reason why you need to know your music!!!!!
You do get that music engages, inspires and changes us in ways that other subjects cannot.
So, let’s see what music can offer us as education.

The History of Music

Origin? The word music comes from Greek Middle English: from Old French musique, via Latin from Greek mousik? (art) of the Muses, from Mousa ‘muse’.

The origins of music? Nobody knows… it’s very difficult to determine because it is likely to have begun with singing and clapping or beating the hands on different surfaces.

Did you know? The oldest musical instrument ever discovered is believed to be the Divje Babe flute, discovered in Slovenia in 1995. The item was a fragment of the femur of a cave bear.

About Online Music courses in the US-

Music programs offer you the opportunity to pursue an array of subjects, from music theory to concert performance.

Whether technically proficient or academically curious, music studies provide an engaging approach to a greater appreciation of the art.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominates the world rankings in Online Coaching in Music, and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations which might inspire we, students.

Of course, there is both a downside and an upside to taking online courses. Firstly, you must make sure that the school is legitimate and accredited; and enquire about how much the tuition is or if there are additional fees.

However, online programs in music function differently, as the distance model makes musical instruction, ensemble performance, and evaluation somewhat difficult.

Distance programs often focus on topics within the discipline that can be easily evaluated. Online programs may not be ideal for students- whose primary interest is in performing or developing one’s performance.

Online Degrees in Music

Students seeking an introduction to the basics of music performance, business, or education may find a good fit in the online music associate degree. These two-year online degrees require about 60 credit hours.

The core of most online associate degrees in music focuses on music theory and musicianship.

You get to explore topics such as the fundamentals of music, performance techniques, music appreciation, and music history.


An online music bachelor’s degree program study a particular aspect of music creation in depth.

These online degrees focus on performance, music production, music composition, or an interdisciplinary combination of topics.

You can expect on-campus auditions or performances; alternately, they can record videos of their performances.

Duration: Four Year, 120-credit hours.

Online Master’s

Online master’s in music are available in a few different areas. In many online programs, you get the ability to shape the music degree around their own particular musical interests.

Online master’s degree programs in music work differently than traditional programs. Music education degrees are a common type of online master’s program in music.

Duration: Two years (approx.) to complete.

Online Doctoral Degrees

You can have several pathways when it comes to earning an online doctoral degree; choices include degrees in music education and musicology.

Duration: can take five to seven years to complete, sometimes longer.

A handful of universities offer online doctoral degrees in music. Despite being online, some doctoral-level courses and examinations require us to visit their campuses periodically.

Common Career Path:

Musicians and Singers: (Expected Growth: 10%): Musicians and singers play one or more instruments or sing for a living.
You don’t necessarily have to have a degree to earn a living as a musician or singer unless you want to pursue a career as a classical musician or vocalist

Music Directors and Composers: (Expected Growth:10%): Music directors are in charge of leading orchestras during their performances and recordings while composers write music.
Composers write music for movies, musicals, TV shows and commercials, opera, or theatre.

Music Teachers (School level): (Expected Growth:7%): High school music teachers usually teach choir, orchestra, or marching band, depending on the musical activities offered at their school. 

Sound Engineering Technicians: (Expected Growth:10%): Sound engineering technicians use professional equipment to record music artists and bands, a process that involves synchronizing, editing, and mixing music.