Music, Video Analysis Essay

Abdulrazzaq Eng 1020 Music Analysis paper Due: 6/26/2012 Lady Gaga – Bad Romance – Lady Gaga came into performance after her first album “The Fame” was released in 2008. It included the hit “Bad Romance” and that album sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Gaga is also recognized for her unique sense of fashion, Performance, and music videos. She was included in Times annual list of the most influential people in the world. Forbes also placed her in number seven in their annual’s list of the world’s 100 most powerful women.

Bad Romance was one of her first music videos, it is a very symbolic and it has many hidden messages. In this music video Gaga describes the dark side of the music industry symbolically by representing herself as a sex slave. The main message in this music video is, Gaga is willing to do anything in order to get into the music industry, even if that means she’ll become a sex slave. Listening to the song itself makes us think that she is in love with some psycho, but watching the video makes it clear that, in fact she is in love with the fame that she will get in the music industry.

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There were many technical features in it like filming and also the fact that it was so influenced by fashion. Another thing would be the content of the video which actually represented Gaga and the women with her as sex slaves. One other thing to consider would be the story of the video and how it illustrates the lyrics of the song in an odd way. Filming and fashion were one of the important features of this music video. The filming technique was a fast-paced presentation of images.

It had a montage for collection of shots from her different steps to fame like when she was innocent, then when she became a sex slave, when men started to bid on her, and when she actually go with the man with the higher bid. Fashion was a very one of the most intertextual features of the video, Gaga is well known for her outre sense of style in all of her music videos she is anything but usual. Here is one of her unusual customs; she has a weird looking hat with black dress, and sunglasses:

She managed to have the right custom for the right shot; coming out of the coffin she was all covered up even her eyes, later when she became a sex slave her customs started to look more revealing in order to fit with the story of the video. Gaga has her own vision when it come to fashion, and she always manage to use it in a smart way in all of her music videos and that’s why she is famous today, because she is odd and unique. Gaga and women in the background were all represented as sex slaves that were mind controlled.

This was a representation of people who look for the fame and would do anything to be in the music industry. Gaga at the beginning of the song starts all covered up in white, to show she was innocent. Later on, in the video it shows how she was forced to drink vodka, she was also forced to dress up in a revealing way like a sex slave. According to Gaga, people who seek fame like her would sacrifice anything to be famous. All this and more was shown in the video when she was forced to dance in front of those elite men who represent the recording companies in music industry.

She chose to seduce one of them that seem to have what Gaga want and he actually decided to bid to own her. She told a real story of fame in an exaggerated way, but she defiantly was successful in delivering her message about fame and the only way to earn it. One more thing to consider while watching the video was the illustration of lyrics. Listening to the song alone is a whole different story when watching it with music video. Gaga managed to manipulate the song in her own way in order to make her point about comparing fame to bad romance.

She basically went through all steps that any artist would go through in order to be famous. The last seen shows how everything was burnt especially the man who chose her, which illustrates that she eventually got what she wanted and played the game with the music industry in her own way. In summary, it is a very symbolic music video that has nothing to do with usual. Everything was well illustrated; many small details can be caught when watching the video over and over. Filming and fashion played a big role in what are the steps to fame.

The content was really rich with details and a story line about her and how she was willing to be a sex slave in order to be the fame monster. Other thing was her smart choice of lyrics that related to the video. She basically compared the music industry to bad romance and made a statement that people who seek fame know they need to sacrifice a lot to get what they want, they are still willing to do it and that’s including her. Work Cited: http://www. ladygaga. com/bio/default. aspx