Musical Review Essay

Julia Fischer performed the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor in Dresden. This performance was made on May 29, 2010 in Paris. Along with Fischer is the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE). Fischer is accompanied by the orchestra that served as her background in performing the music. The orchestra gave further depth on the emotions and power of the music played by Fischer. This proved that though Fischer is the main musician in this part of the concert, the greatness and power of her music remains incomplete or plain without the orchestra.At some point, Fischer stopped to give way on the sounds played by the orchestra.

It seemed that it was part of the music as a whole—that some important instruments, such as the flute and violas have to be played individually. From thick and loud the melody became thin, soft, and slow, which became the signal to accompany the orchestra and played her violin, after a short pause. In the thinness of the sounds played by the orchestra, Fischer was able to showcase her skills and talents in playing her instrument.The music played by Fischer and the COE demonstrated power, deep emotion, and ardor. Even though the music has no lyrics, viewers felt its serenity and intensity. The musicians feel like crying during the slow parts, but they demonstrate excitement and intense feeling.

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With this, the viewers and listeners can feel the aptitude and passion of the music as it gave life and justice to the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor.Personally speaking, the performance of Fischer and the COE was successful because they powerfully and enthusiastically played a sophisticated and complicated musical piece that required the skills and passion of an orchestra and an individual musician. However, it was puzzling to see Fischer stopped at some point of the performance. It may be part of the music, but it brought discomfort to the audience. This music was chosen because it was a powerful and commendable performance of a woman who admires the beauty of Mendelssohn’s music.