Mx they didnt apologize to me the

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on MX Dubai


These are some brutal comments that some customers said about
our services.

Seonghee J on (October 13, 2017) said that “It
was really bad I was a beginner but guides took me the sand hill so we had a
accident so I got hurt my hands and my bf got hurt his foot and they told me
there is no insurance but when I came back to the hotel and asked about
insurance of buggy a staff told me some company has insurance and before we
make papers they took my passport and they wanted just money from us it was
4000 AED really crazy and they didnt apologize to me the guides dont know what
is guide’s meaning if they apologize or speak something. My feeling would be
more better but the just dont care about visitor’s injury and this company just
wants money and when I call to embassy they told me it is illegal to take
visitor’s passports.”


ranger on (January 8, 2017) said that “essentially i bought this thinking it
was a beginners course (because that’s what it says it is), it isnt, it’s
paying a ridiculous amount of money (AED 750) to follow around a guy in a big
group of riders wearing tatty smelly clothes.
I had no knowledge on how to ride on sand and the guy sped off literally
leaving me a few times in the desert looking for any signs of life only do this
if you like paying silly money to ride an old worn motorbike.”


Dubai, Owner, responded to this review January 10,

afternoon. I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience.

It is part of our company policy to follow up with every client after each
ride, to spot weak performance or mistakes in our daily routine in the camp.

Sadly no feedback of you reached me, which would have given me the chance to
react on the spot and manage a compensation and to talk to the staff about this

There is no excuse for lack of attention by our guides or smelly gear and this
is not tolerated by me as the owner.

If you could please contact me at +971-552090832 so we can find out why these
things happened and to get a chance to proof that this was an exception from
our usually high standard.

About the costs:
You are right, compared to european prices our offers are expensive. 
But to be fair, you have to see the full picture of running a official licensed
business like this in the middle of the desert where everything has to be
imported through the local agencies and they sell to us at double or triple the
usual costs.”

Hazm from London on
(September 5, 2016) said that “Awesome experience , highly recommend to any
dirtbike rider ! Decent equipment and well presented KTM’s, staff and guides
are super friendly and will accommodate to any riders ability, from deep in the
desert to more mellow trails! Thanks guys see you in soon!!!”

Toddy from Melbourne
Australia on (September 2, 2016) said that “Riding over the sand dunes was
fantastic and the staff were great but I would never do it in summer again it
was far too hot.”

Normangoodfella  on (September 1, 2016) said that “This is my
3rd trip with MXDubai and everyone has been brilliant. Today I went with my 16
year old son and a friend, pick up on time, friendly and helpful guys,
excellent gear choices – just pitch up they have everything covered, bikes are
brand new and we had an absolute blast – just after sunrise through the early morning
dunes…… Highly recomended !”

Conclusion of MX Dubai experiences

MX Dubai is improving their services
day by day and people who visits MX Dubai loves the completely different
experiences of MX Dubai and new customers will love it too. MX Dubai provide Dune buggy tours in Dubai. There are so
many different activities to do and different fun experiences to have which you
can remember for a lifetime.