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My job is a computer hardware engineer I chose this job because I want to pursue a career in this. This report will be about everything having to do with being a computer hardware engineer. This job I think is open with possibilities that’s another reason i want to take on this job it can also further computer development .When you work as a computer hardware engineer your responsibilities are to design and to test computer hardware then they analyze the test results and modify the design if needed. The majority of the people that work this job work in research facilities. Over 90% of them work in highly populated however which in my opinion feels like a drawback. With this job you mainly use a soldering iron which is used to weld out faulty chips and it will loosen them up for extraction.

On a typical day you will analyze the hardware that you are assigned and find out the problem and you will attempt to resolve it.Everything that this job has ever done was cemented in by a german scientist that was brilliant at all the studies and projects that he did. This man was Zuse he made the 1st functioning programmable computer that’s why he is the grandfather of the computers that we have today. This job has gotten more advanced throughout the years because of the new technology that we are constantly cranking out day by day. This job currently is increasing in size due to the demand of technological innovations that are needed in everyday society. Computer hardware research scientists usually work in research facilities that most of the time are private owned by their company.

The engineers are fixated usually only on computers however they use and invent technology for about every electronic, for example they help in making new models of things like the Iphone.You need to be very creative to do this job because of the complication that the hardware can get in it and you have to always find a solution to it. Also you need to be innovative because they have to research, test, and design new pieces of technology and find new ways to use old pieces.

You have to be able to work with your team in this field because of the big complications that happen in computer hardware. You have to analyze the problem efficiently and find a original solutions.They usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering if they want to work in this field.

However an electronic engineering degree and a computer science degree is also accepted most of the time. The higher positions in this field require a master’s degree because of the more complex problems that they have to face. You have to be familiar with computer programming to work as this however because of the complex C# and Javascript coding that they can face. So most of the time they can obtain this with computer science courses, you have to have a solid background in math and science due to the complex complications that they handle.The employers usually like to hire people that have gone through ABET (The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) which is usually credited when you take an engineering program. One of the largest Computer Hardware Engineering schools in the U.S is Purdue University but Cornell University also has this course needed for this job. This job is on the rise in employment by 2025 it is projected to grow a total of 5% because of the demand of new innovative technology needed.

The average pay for this job was recorded as $115,080 as of May 2016. The lowest percent 10% that work this job get paid $66,870, while the highest 10% of this job make about $172,010. Being a Computer Hardware Engineer requires the people to be very analytical, technically inclined, and investigative. If you have all these traits then this might be the right job for you but if you don’t have these it might be a very difficult job. If you were to be doing this job what would you create or what would technology would you improve?