My on earth. Especially tribal languages that die

My name is Fouad Abboud, I know 3 languages fluently. I always believed that every language is spoken between people from different regions. I’ve never thought that there were languages that could be extinct or close to extinction due to the large amount of people on earth. Especially tribal languages that die are tragic because with it dies the culture that came along with it. The death of languages is a very fascinating subject. In the article, the author talks about the extinction ofancient languages, the importance of minor  countries and why they are worth cherishing. I was thinking about this concept, I had many questions and thoughts surrounding this topic because I’m facing the same experience. This sparked my interest to discover the effect of languages, why and to what extent do they affect our thoughts and decisions? can be regarded as personal knowledge and can be also considered as shared knowledge. Verbal Communication is the way we communicate in the 21st century. It’s the tool we use to speak to one another, a key aspect to lhumans is mother tongue. It’s considered by some as the most you were taught and raised by. No matter where you are, you will always be surrounded by it because it’s the language you use to think in your mind. At moment,  key for survival, everyone knows at least one language. Let’s get into the shared knowledge aspect. Since we were born we are taught a language from our parents and elders surrounding us. They don’t only help us with thelearning of  also pass on a set of values, culture and memories based on the language. This point is thetransition to personal knowledge of the person, this is the memories being recorded. Even though in some places a particular  is  dominant, such as English at school or Arabic at home. People relate languages to strong emotions. Here’s a primary example I experienced first-hand. When the teacher asked me what language was most important, I had to think about school being English, in academics, French but Arabic in my life at home. So I chose Arabic because it’s my mother tongue and have strong emotional response with all the memories I’ve had with the language. It depicts who I am, my root, my blood that cannot be altered. When I meet a person who speaks Arabic it brings me joy because there is a sense of connection with them. Humans are not robots, when doing choices, we have emotions and we always place it in our thoughts. Because of the emotional components baked into language like memories, our personalities have completely changed, to the point, where it even changes our tone of our voice. As an example, I have two sets of thoughts and perspective to the same situation when using different languages. When I speak English, I am different in my speech talking calmer, while in Arabic I would speak louder. The different language, I would be speaking will bring out a different side of my personality as different languages are attached to my personal knowledge vastly different than others.