My Best Friend Essay

My best friend is Joy. We met when we were in high school, we have been friends for 5 years. We were called “conjoined twins”, back in high school, because whenever you see me, you could see Joy as well or vise versa. Discuss everything with Joy, I ask her for advice. Like one time, the was a English competition about giving a speech to a live audience in font of the whole school.

Our English teacher nominated me for the contest, than I turn to Joy for advice. She told me what to do, in order not to feel nervous while getting on stage to deliver a speech. The comfort and support that she gave me was ere useful, although I did not make it to the finals. Joy is a calm, diligent girl. She manages to deal with difficulties calmly and never panics, Joy can always find the right way to solve things.

The reason we became best friends is because that I think we can give each other the support whenever and wherever the time we needed it. Even we graduated from high school, we still ask each other for advice and chat every night. Sharing funny things and sad thing that happened in college or in our daily life. I think we will still be best friends in the future, it just does not seem right without a friend like her.