My Best Job Like Nurse Assisten Essay

My Best Job I have never had was working for nurse assistant, first of all, I was able to choose my working schedule that best fit my needs since, I’m married whit two children, I never bring theme with babysitter, I don’t have to schedule myself to work.

I was able to choose from 1st 2nd and 3rd shift, I was able to work 3rd shift while my children were sleeping at night. I call anytime and schedule an extra shift because I need extra money. If I ever have emergency or need to take my children to the doctor’s appointment, I could cancel my shift and don’t lose my job.

The second reason was the god paid. Every two weeks, I have my check. Care professionals have different pay, in Care One for example the paid me $13. 00 an hour to $10. 00 an hour in others facilities were St Joseph Hospital, Lincoln park Care center, Chestnut Hill nursery home between others, My favorite place to work was Car One at Wayne .

It was able to provide excellent medical stuff to help care of the patients, they had all the equipment necessary and the f facilities are very nice and comfortable, my job take care of the patients with personal hygiene.Assisting with patient feeding, and assisting living also it has rehabilitation center, my job was able to provide better quality care to the residents and other of my duties was assisting with transferring patients from their beds to a wheelchair and back to the bed as they needed. I still perform as a nurse assistant, I enjoyed my job. Care Professionals was my favorite job because I love to help everybody specially elderly people and children.