My Best Public Speaking Experience Essay

While analyzing the success of my public speaking experience I selected to myself several reasons of it . Firstly , I was really interested in aerosols and that motivated me to understand deeply the subject Of my report. Secondary, my teacher suggest me some resources of literature and were to look for it. Was looking for literature very meticulously and I have managed to found out a lot of interesting and fresh material . The third reason was that I was well prepared for the presentation.

The day before I looked through my peach carefully , identify and understand the main points. The forth reason – was prepared in advance . Started my preparation three weeks before the presentation. Although, I usually begin my preparation approximately two weeks before the presentation. The fifth reason was my classmates and opponent. My classmates were listening to me very attentively and my opponent talked to me with ease. Moreover , he asked me some questions I was really interested in and that’s betrayed me the confidence.

So, based on my own experience I can identify five basic points that have helped me to prepare successfully for my oral presentation and they are : motivation, teacher , identifying and understanding the main points of the speech , preparation in advance and audience. I hold this five points may help other students to prepare well its oral presentation or reports . I think the experience of public speaking and preparation of presentations will be very useful to me in the future.