My into existence. Taking up A Level Further

My curiosity towards finding out how and why things work enticed me to study Engineering. The study of Engineering has given us the opportunity to transform our ideas into reality. This possibility opens up a wide range of outcomes that could ultimately shape the way in which we live in. Thus, the potential of what engineers can create is only restricted to what they can imagine.  The prospect of working within the Engineering industry has always intrigued me due to the difficult challenges Engineers face on a regular basis. This was something I observed during work experience at AMETEK, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments. I observed the assembly, testing and production of the engine components for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This placement reinforced how intricate components contribute to the overall outcome. Engineering will also allow me to understand how Mathematical principles are applied towards designs. Being selected to attend an Engineering lecture organized by ‘The Royal Institution of Science and Engineering’ gave me more exposure to Mechanical Engineering. A sector in which I hope to develop my career in. Mechanical Engineering stands out because of how it plays a huge role in the development of future technologies. Being part of this growing industry brings out a sense of excitement, as the outcomes are endless. This was something I learnt whilst visiting ‘The Large Hadron Collider’ in Geneva. They used state of the art systems to help us grasp how the universe came into existence.  Taking up A Level Further Mathematics mid-term allowed me to experience other areas of Mathematics that I was oblivious to. This subject made me take a more abstract approach to problems. It also gave me an idea of how theories can be applied in real life situations such as the pulleys and incline plane in my Mechanics module. This further enhanced my knowledge of how different forces impacts an object’s behavior. Resulting in me progressing to a grade A in AS Mathematics increasing my desire to achieve more. Studying Applied Science gave me a broad insight into all sciences. The Chemistry modules gave me a deep understanding of how things work at an atomic level.  Outside of studies, I get involved in a variety of sports such as karate, hockey, softball and cricket. Not only do these sports help with my physical well-being, it also improves self-discipline. During my time at secondary school, I was elected to be part of the school council for four consecutive years. This position gave me an opportunity to voice the opinions of student that were facing problems such as bullying. This position held a lot of responsibilities and helped further develop my communication skills. I also spent time doing voluntary work for local charities. Community members were given an opportunity to express ideas in which I spoke about setting up a sports club to increase community cohesion. This vision came to life the following year and continues to be a great success. University will also provide me with a bigger platform to extend my extra-curricular activities I believe my enthusiasm towards learning both Mathematics and Science will place me in good stead to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. University will open doors to work and be a part of one of the most dynamic, global industries in the world. Attaining a University degree will provide a firm entry into a field that is continuing to grow.