My Favourite Dish Essay

I must it was a hard choice for me to choose my favourite dish, but I must say my all time favourite is the stewed ox-tail in red wine sauce.

It is a Caribbean cuisine but it is so popular in other cultures that Chinese and western restaurants also make this dish.It can be served in a casserole, hot pot, or in a plate depending on the restaurant. Once the oxtails were simmering in the oven, the aromas were simply heavenly! The smell reminded me of Vietnamese pho from the star anise and cloves.

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After three hours of braising, the oxtails were very tender and the meat was falling off the bone. It was hard not to eat them immediately. Flakey chunky pieces of oxtail set before me, were covered in rich, thick, dark red wine sauce like Snowy Mountain. The oxtails were garnished with diced scallions, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and parsley that make the whole dish colourful as if they were like confetti.Once I took a bit of the meat, it was like heaven. Once the meat went into my mouth, it was so juicy and tender that it just melted in my mouth. The shiitakes gave the sauce an earthy taste and a strong mushroom fragrance.

We really enjoyed the added flavor and texture of the shiitakes. The potatoes and carrots were sweet and succulent. They were fairly cooked which makes it chewy but not too soggy. They were soaked up in the richness of the sauce that makes it even more delicious. The diced scallions and parsley were nice additions and cut the richness of the meet and sauce. When eat them all together in one bite, you’ve both crunchy, chewy and melting going on in your and a rush of different flavours going on.

It is like a party going on in your mouth.After you’ve finished everything on the plate, and left with the bones of the oxtail, you can simply just get dirty with them. Use your hands and just suck and lick all the flavours off it and you can even try and find any meat stuck on the edges of the bone. After you’ve done that, just suck the sauce off your fingers like a lollipop. It makes it more fun and enjoyable.