My Favourite Place Essay

My favourite place is Rebeico town, which is located in Sonora, Mexico. Rebeico Town is a special town to remember because my mother lived her childhood there. There are approximately 500 people living there. Its weather is extremely hot in the summer, but all the other seasons are cold. This town is famous for its streams, Novillo Dam and traditional tortillas. This town has many streams to go to fishing in, and to go walking along too. Those streams are filled with clear blue water which is a little cold. Those streams are not deep.

Therefore, you can walk above the water, and watch the many little fishes swimming. You can even bend down and feel the softness of the water and its cool temperature through on your skin. Other than that, this town also has a popular dam called ‘Novillo Dam’. Like the streams, its water is clear , cold and it is also a good place to go fishing. However, this dam is very deep and people are advised to take extra safety precaution. Furthermore, the dam area is surrounded with a lot of trees. So, it is a perfect place to go for camping wth friends and family.

Besides beautiful sceneries, Rebeico Town is also well known for its traditional tortillas which are bigger and more delicious than normal ones. They are popular in a town called Hermosillo. The people there make those tortillas in old stoves, using their own hands, outside their homes. This town is smaller than other towns, but I love its breathtaking nature and tasty dishes. It is indeed a good place for a calm and peaceful vacation with friends and family. I miss this town a lot and I hope to go there soon.