My First Time on a Airplane Essay

09/4/2012 Narrative Paragraph MY FIRST TIME ON AN AIRPLANE I was very excited to fly on an airplane. I asked people who had traveled on an airplane before lots of questions about traveling. I had never traveled on an airplane before, so I was a little nervous. Everyone I knew who had flown on an airplane told me that they liked it, I would like it too, it wasn’t scary, so I would be fine. That was a little comforting to hear. I was all packed and ready.I traveled from Negril to Montego Bay, where I would catch my morning flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I got to the airport in Montego Bay, I went through customs, I waited around for a few minutes, and then we boarded. I got the window seat that I always wanted, so I could see Jamaica from thousands of feet up in the sky. I was on the plane for about fifteen minutes and then I saw Cuba. It was amazing to see Jamaica and Cuba for the first time from the air. We flew along the coast of Cuba for a while, and it was not bad at all.I got up when it was safe, used the bathroom, and then returned to my seat. About an hour and a half of being in the sky, I could not see land any more, the plane was going through some thick clouds, then suddenly the plane started shaking, I was very nervous, and I could tell lots of the others were nervous too.

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Then the pilot got on the intercom and said, “we are just experiencing some turbulence, no need to worry. ” We continued the journey to our destination. It was a smooth flight after.