My First Trip to Six Flags Essay

My church was having a trip to Six Flags and I didn’t want to miss it. Since we are in Killen and Dallas is a 3hr drive we decided to leave early (I’m guessing that’s the reason why). I got to church sometime around 6:30- 6:45 and left sometime around 7:00.

We talked, listened to music and slept like on any trip. And it wasn’t all that exciting till we actually got there. Since this was my first trip there, i was VERY excited and anxious to ride the roller coasters.So we got there and walked around and decided to ride the titan. The Titan was the craziest roller coaster of them all. Now when you’ve never been on a roller coaster, the one thing you don’t know is that, they are MUCH bigger then they look. Before I actually rode the Titan, I did not think we were going to be so high up.

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We just kept going up…

.. And up…

.. And up.

….. and up..

And up…

.. And in the back of my head I was thinking “WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP. Then it happened, luckily. I was in the third row and could see the drop. T. T I literally yelled: “Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!! ” Then it dropped, and I held on to the seat in front of me for dear life, and did not let go until the ride was over.

The ride was beastly and I even felt lightheaded at one point due to the pressure being exerted on my head when the roller coaster started doing the twists. But all in all this ride was fun and should be ridden at least once if u ever go to Six Flags.Longer and bumpier then the Titan.

If you want a smooth ride, then this is not for you. I only went on it once because yes it does sort of hurt during the ride because it’s made out of wood. All in all, this ride was fun but I think it would be more enjoyable if there weren’t so many bumps. I swear I hit my head on the seat like over 100 times. This was my first ride once I arrived to Six Flags and by far the best.

I would love to go back to Six Flags just to ride this roller coaster one more time.