My Generation English Essay

This topic can be defined very differently depending on the writer. Generation is usually defined as people all born and living at about the same time. Which that is what a generation is but in this essay I’ll defined my generation. define my generation as being corrupted with teen pregnancy, rugs, and crime.

This is a generation I wish I wasn’t born into because all the bad that goes on in it. Firstly, pregnancy has become the most popular thing in my generation. The U. S. teen birth rate is higher than that of many other developed countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom. Teen pregnancy ages range from 15-19 some teens are younger. In my opinion teenagers in my generation give birth more frequently than adults. Statistics read that, “Nearly one million teen girls get pregnant each year. ” Some girls get pregnant more than once before their 20.

In some foreign countries when eens become pregnant their parents make them marry no matter age. On the other hand some girls pick adoptions. In my opinion 5 out of 20 teens in this generation get pregnant on purpose just to try to keep a boyfriend, but fail to realize still that will not keep them there. Secondly, drugs have also become a big thing in my time. Some teens use prescription drugs to get a high or sell the medicine. Teens in my generation also abuse prescription pain killers and become addicted. Marijuana is used most in teens. This generation is bad off with drug use.

Drugs are messing up todays society in a very bad ay everyone is strung out. During this generation some many new names for drugs have originated for example; molly. Kids today even mix cough syrup in with their soda and call it lean. Thirdly, crime in this generation is very high all that goes on is robbing, killing, rape, and drug dealing. Some people might think its teenager committing these crimes. Children fourteen years of age are going to jail for killing and being trialed as adults. Crime makes me afraid to step foot outside especially at night if I’m alone. Rape isn’t that bad but happens every blue moon.

Once one the news I heard a police fficer was arrested on charges of Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile. Robbing happens almost every 30 seconds doesn’t matter if its store robbery, home invasion, or carjacking all done teens. Drug Dealers in this generation seek teens to prey so they can become part of their teams. Kids in elementary are standing on the corner selling drugs. TOO much crime goes on in today’s generation that scares me. In my generation some people’s opinion on this generation maybe good or bad. However, in next generation to come things may be triple times worse than now. The world we live in scary we never know what to expect.

When imagine the future get scared because my children one day may have to go through worse than me. Some may believe the world is reliving its self but I don’t. I believe it’s writing a whole new story and if it keeps going down this road god will end it in a bad way. read an article on this generation titled Troubled Generation: The Perceived Prevalence of Youth Crime and Corruption, so this lets me what some people think of my generation. All that happens in this generation makes me hate to be a part of it. Luckily I can say I am not part of any of the things I find that corrupt my generation.