My Goal Achieved Essay

My Goal Achieved One of the biggest challenges in meeting any goal is finding the motivation to stick with it. To achieve a goal you have to have patience and you also have to be able to make sacrifices. My goal for my junior year in high school was to make straight A’s and to maintain them throughout the entire year. In order for me to accomplish this I had to sacrifice many things, but that is was what I was willing to do. The reason why I wanted to get straight A’s wasn’t just to make my parents proud, it was also to prove to everyone including myself that I can do anything that I put my mind to.

In the past I haven’t had the best grades but something about junior year gave me the motivation. I started to realize how important that school was becoming. Time was flying by so fast and college was right around the corner. I needed to get my act together and actually try to accomplish something in my life. My journey to get straight A’s was not easy.

I had to give up many things such as hanging with friends and going or participating in any after school activities. I had to stay focused and not get distracted.I had to dedicate a 110% of my time to studying and doing homework. I knew that getting straight A’s was my goal and I knew what I had to do to get there. I never believed in myself that I could achieve my goal, but I prayed and with God’s grace and mercy I was able to.

Achieving my goal in getting straight A’s gave me a new sense of confidence. I had a feeling of accomplishment that I finally achieved, and all my hard work played off. The main point of this is you can do anything you put your mind to and always give 110%.