My Grandma Essay

Despite her tater when she enters a room you will think she is the tallest women in the room. She stands with so much poise and confidence I envy her. As I looked to the left I can see the old tire swing covered in dew my grandfather had built for us when I was around 5 years old. It is still there hanging from the huge apple tree, the tree is glistening with red delicious apples begging to be picked. As I entered the door the smell hit me. That smell is like a kaleidoscope of childhood memories. The memories where every”here I looked to the small rocking chair by the window.

And the couch that I would lie down on waiting to hear my grandmother’s soft footsteps scurrying to open the back door to try and not awake anyone as she went to the creek to fetch fresh water. The living room is covered with family portraits and our baby pictures. It no longer looked like a living room it looked more like a shrine. The biggest picture of them all is a picture of my grandfather. He is wearing his plaid shirt that he loved so much. He picked me up in his strong arms when was hurt and cleaned me up, he made a band aid out of toilet paper and tape.

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He is a tall strong man, his face full of scars. His eyes the most beautiful shade of brown. His smile will’ make anybody pain go away. I love him. Miss him. He is my hero. I never know how much truly miss him until will come to my grandparents’ house. As I turned towards the kitchen can still hear my aunts and uncles laughing teasing and enjoying the company of one another. There are memories everywhere you turn. Walking out to the back porch I can see out in the distance the fields where we run and play hide and seek.

They are covered in blackberries, can still remember when my grandma would spank me because I would spoil my good clothes staining them with blackberries. Through the blackberry bushes can see my grandmother’s garden. It is even more beautiful that I can remember. It is covered with roses, dandelions, chrysanthemums and my favorite marigolds. She has rows and rows of strawberries planted as well. There is so much love and wisdom there. I miss those times a lot and pray to god that the happiness and joy that I carry from my grandparents’ house is eternal.