My Grandmother’s Favorite Dish Essay

When thinking about my home, family and childhood, the first thing I remember is the most favorite dish of my grandmother: a roasted turkey with amazing exclusive dressing. She cooks it not only for Thanksgiving, but for many other occasions. All members of my family are sure that this dish brings good luck, because after gathering at the table and eating this turkey, we always find the ways to solve any problem, or things suddenly start going better.

I can tell many stories to prove this statement. There were times, when my father’s business was not going well, so he had a lot of troubles and broken hopes. Grandmother worried a lot about him, so she decided to organize a large family meeting in order to support my dad. Many relatives and friends gathered in our house to enjoy grandma’s turkey, and together they found a lot of useful ideas how to save my father’s business.

Once, my brother Chuck got a job he always dreamt about, but he couldn’t find understanding with his boss. Grandma prepared her turkey to cheer up the grandson, and soon Chuck’s boss changed. Another day, my aunt Sarah and her children came to visit us. By that time, her husband had been in the hospital for weeks suffering from pneumonia. We had an emotional family dinner, wishing him to get well, and after that he started getting better.

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That’s why we all believe in magic of my grandmother and her wonderful turkey. Actually, detailed recipe of this beautiful dish is still kept secret even from my mom, though I am sure that grandmother wants her to continue this family tradition. Grandmother says that the composition and the proportion of the ingredients for that special dressing (which includes oregano, thyme, rosemary and other spices) came to her in her dream.

Grandma’s turkey became the most precious symbol of our family, which always reminds us about the warmth of our home, wherever we are. It helped us to learn how to treasure family ties and feel unity of different generations. Our life is flowing so fast, and such priceless things as homely home, delicious meals, mutual understanding and domestic peace can truly comfort us, bringing into our souls divine bliss and inspiration.