My Great Teacher in Middle School Essay

Alex luis-Ramirez Date: January-14-2010 Draft1 My Great Teacher in Middle School I will never forget Mr. Amado Escobar; he was the best teacher I had in middle school when I was 13 years old. Mr. Escobar was the instructor for my Computer Application System’s class.

I enjoyed his class because he used creative teaching methods and he had patience with all of his students. Besides being a great teacher, Mr. Escobar was also my best friend and whenever I had problems with my computer he would fix my computer. Mr. Escobar was a great mentor who gave me a lot of good personal advices when I was in Middle School. His advise kept me focused and helped me keep school a priority in my life. I will never forget those amazing days at the end of each year in middle school in Mexico, because Mr.

Escobar took us on a field trip every year. The first year in middle school Mr. Escobar took us on a trip to visit a company called Recycle Paper. I remember thinking how incredible recycle paper was since it was my first time in my life to see a recycle paper company. The temperature in the recycled paper room was cold because the company was located among lots of trees. In the company recycle paper room there was many machines where the paper was processed for recycle.

Each machine has a different job and each job was equally important to the finishing product.Next to the room where the machines that  recycled the paper where located, there was a little gift shop that sold different funny figures made out of the recycled paper that company made which they used as an example of there recycled paper. The gift shop also sold other kinds of things like notebooks, posters and other varieties of papers that came in different kids of colors. After the tour to the recycling company we went to eat at a special restaurant in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. The restaurant’s food was very delicious; we ate pizza along with ice cold sodas.After that exciting trip and a good meal the entire class had a great time in the swimming pool.

To end the trip that same afternoon the students and I went to the mall. In the mall there were many things to buy all sorts of gadgets or computer devices. Most of the students in my class liked the computer games so at that moment we took off in search of cool computer games to play in our free time but some of the student went to play videogames in a different side of the mall. Some students went to the movies, I remember at that time the movie “the day after tomorrow” was showing.We all agreed our trip was great! The second year at the end of the school year we visited the called clothing company named International Company of Jean Cloth in the city of Oaxaca Mexico. The company was so big and it too had lots of machines.

I enjoyed the day learning about the history of jeans and we got a demonstration of how jeans were made. Each machine had a different function and we got a step by step explanation and I saw that the jean pants went through an important process. I admire Mr.

Escobar as a teacher because he was very positive and during classes he was never angry he enjoyed teaching his classes. Every day he had a smile on his face even if he had to bring things to our attention. I remember when my grades were low, he explained what I’m doing wrong while demonstrating. He encourages his students all the time and always gave good advice to those students with attitude problems explaining how it affected their grades.

He took the time to help who those that were struggling in his classes and never gave up on us. Mr.Escobar was a very punctual teacher, every single day he arrived ready and early to classes. Besides using fun techniques to teach us he was also very respectful to all the different customs each of his students brought to class. Mr. Escobar, over all was a very honest and successful teacher. In conclusion, I learned more than just about jeans and recycled paper.

I learned that with honesty and dedication you can get very far in life. Mr. Amador Escobar was the best teacher that I had in middle school; he will always be someone that had a huge impact in my life.