My Greatest Regrets Essay

?Lamesha Robinson 01/20/2010 My Greatest Regrets Everyone makes mistkes, and I am no exception.

I have made may mistakes during my lifetime, and I regret making poor decisions. With every wrong choice I have made, there are lessons to be learned. What I got out of what I learned made me a stronger woman today. Although I have become stronger today than before, I still regret my poor decisions. My greatest regrets include not listening to my grandma as a teenager, moving back home with my mom, and being taken and placed with The Department Of Children & Families, becoming a parent as a teenager, and not finishing school.

However, through it all I love my children to death. Consequently, throughout my poor decisions, I am a stronger woman and I have learned from my regrets. As a teenager growing up, there have been a great number of obstacles thrown at me. However, with those challenges, I was forced to go live with my grandma. Living with her, I had objectives to strive for, but i wasn’t able to accomplish these objectives because I didn’t want to listen. Not listening led my grandma not wanting to do anything for me.

She treated me differently from the others. Eventually, she packed my things and moved me back home with my mom.After moving back home, my brothers and I were split up by The Department Of Children & Families. In the midst of The Deparment Of Children & Families splitting us up, it made me realize I should’ve listened to my grandma.

While growing up in the system as a teenager, it was very difficult for me. For as long as I can remember, I regret the choices I made. It could have led to something more worse than being taken away from my mother and split apart from my sibilings. Because of my unwillingness to listen to my grandma, moving back with my mother, and being taken away by the state, made me challenge my poor choices.

These poor choices led me to parenthood at a young age. I did not count on continuing my education. While I love my children to death, I should have waited until I finsihed my education. Sitting home and taking care of children while everyone is out having fun has made me feel lonely and isolated. I regret this decision because it has also made going back to school more challenging. The expression, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, is so true. Furthermore, I am continuing my education now and I am a much stronger woman.

In conclusion, my regrets of not listening to my grandmother as a teenager, moving back home with mom, being taken away and placed in The Department Of Children & Families, and having kids at a young age, my life has taken a positive turn. I learned that not listening to my grandma led me in the wrong direction. Being raised in the foster care system was not easy. Becoming a parent at a young age, led me to further my schooling and to make a better influence on my children. I am improving my job skills and focusing on the future. My future is shining so bright, and it needs to be toned down !