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My role in the group project was that I was the leader and so I chose to delegate specific tasks. Furthermore  if i was asked to grade our performance as a group unfortunately i would have to give us a B rather than an A as although we worked together as a team i feel that in some areas we were lacking, for example when we were doing individual research i felt as if we would get side tracked to easily as we would see an add about a footballer and immediately click on it, fortunately i managed to get the situation under control by instituting that at the end of every lesson we must have accomplished something. However I did not forcefully tell them to do what did they do not want to and so I asked them what they were comfortable with doing and so I commissioned Charles and Steve to do some research. As they were doing their research i did some of my own and i began to look for an outcome for us to compose. After a while of searching and consultation we decided to pursue a target of setting up a cultural day. I immediately proposed the idea that the money could go to the national museum so that they could expand their national culture and arts exhibition, nevertheless our victory was short lived as the school was already planning to host a cultural day this was a major challenge on our journey and thus we were forced to do a poster instead. Although the group project is about teamwork it is also formed on a personal standard. This consists of the effectiveness of your contribution and methodology towards the outcome i found this very important especially as the leader of the group. Although my methods were not very common i found that they seemed to be effective as they allowed me to complete the delegated work on time.although my methods were work effective they were not very time effective as they made sure i did the work but at certain costs such as less sleep and more time spent on GP rather than other subjects.As an individual I found that culture does not just affect the lives on just one person culture is something that impacts everyone in different ways as a collective. Through the reading of university articles I learnt that culture and tradition can be a coping mechanism for people that have been hurt by someone or something. They then see culture and religion as something that can help them heal but instead sometimes are drawn into superstitious cults that use their trust as a way to get money and labor for free. However I did not read everything by myself the group enriched my learning by telling me interesting facts about culture, furthermore I feel what we read individually was but a fraction of what we accomplished as a whole however some of this information was not relevant to the project as I explained before we Got side tracked.This changed my view as I thought that culture was religion but it is so much more it is the heritage of our ancestors it is history and some may say it is the future.Although a poster was not our intended outcome it had some pros that a cultural event couldn’t have such as the fact that a poster not only shows an individual’s personal talents it also conveys the teams work ethic as a hole and how that work is portrayed show as the growing strength and trust between the partners. However where there are pros there must be cons and our outcome was not an exception although a poster shows teamwork it does not necessarily have short term  effects to conserve culture and tradition whereas the money made from the cultural event would immediately go to the museum to help maintain their ancestral artifacts and that is but a fraction of culture. I believe that we need to improve upon our original idea and think larger as I the words of Donald trump “As long as your going to be thinking think big” and that is what I did I believe that we should create awareness by printing more posters and putting them up in the local community about the endangerment of their culture and heritage.