My Journey in En101 Essay

En101 was a class designed to help students develop their writing skills. Time in this class was spent writing essays or learning ways to better our essays. That is what this class has done for me. It opened my eyes to new ways of writing, and it helped me improve certain aspects of my writing. To start off, previous to this class, when I was given an essay, I would start writing right away and wrote down whatever came to my mind. Although, this never really harmed my grade tremendously, I have realized that it is better to organize your thoughts before hand, in ways such as an outline or free writing.

After taking this course, I feel the need to create an outline for each essay that I write so my thoughts are well-organized. Also, we were expected to do a peer review after every essay that we write. At first, I thought peer reviews were very irritating and useless. But now I see that peer reviews catch mistakes that we, the writers, don’t always catch. Outlines and peer reviews had once been a requirement by our teacher to complete but now it has become a necessity for me when I write any essay. I say “any essay” because this course required students to write all types of essays.

We had to write from narrative essays, to persuasive essays, to argumentative to reflective essays. This course expanded my knowledge of how to write different kinds of essays because each type of essay has to be written in a certain way with a certain tone. For instance, in my persuasive in class essay Without a Saddle, I had to persuade the audience that youth learn either through experience or promoting cautiousness through restrictions. I thought I was good at writing persuasive essays before but now I learned how to persuade so that the audience can understand my point of view.

And after understanding what Professor Anderson is trying to tell me, I revised my paper into a well developed essay. I have noticed that I developed a better and a not so broad thesis, and I have clear transition sentences. That makes the reader understand what is going on and to keep the reader interested. I developed ways to write so that the reader stays interested, however, I believe I still need more improvement when writing a better more detailed body paragraph. Keeping the reader interested through out the essay is good but not enough. I want for the reader to be interested in the beginning, middle and until the end.

I also know that I need some more work on my grammar and sentence structure. Sometimes I do not realize I am shifting tenses. Hopefully, in my next English class I can work even more to improve on these aspects. My goal coming into this course was not to be he perfect writer, but to improve my writing skills and further my development in writing. By me learning how to write a better thesis and transition sentences and strengthening my skills to write different kinds of essays; I feel I had good improvement and my writing was well developed, thanks to EN101.