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My name is Binita Shah. I’m pursuing my MBA in Finance and then want to specialize in Health Care Administration from Wright State University. When I started working as a Finance Manager for Premier Health in Dayton, Ohio, nine year ago, I though working in healthcare field would be no different than working in any other accounting department. I had no prior experience in healthcare and hence it was a real challenge. Over a period of time, as Premier Health started expanding and acquiring more specialists’ practices, I started getting more involved in the operations side of the business and working with specialty physicians. That’s when I developed my passion to become a healthcare administrator as a higher degree unlocks new possibilities and challenges.

This career field is a good fit for me because I can utilize my finance background to come up with ways to reduce healthcare costs for our company and thereby offer affordable healthcare coverage to everyone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23 percent increase in healthcare positions from 2012 through 2022, along with an average salary of more than $88,000. There are five areas that are important to be skilled in to be a successful healthcare administrator are economics, technology, risk management, strategic planning and communication. It is important to know what the economy is likely to be as this drives the changes in healthcare costs and the way we better serve our patients with the same high quality of care. Technology has continued to evolve over years by providing electronic medical record system. This allows patient medical recorded to be easily accessed by healthcare professionals within a healthcare system. Advancements in telemedicine has provide us e-visits, a convenient alternative that allows us to visit our health care provider directly from our computer instead of making an office visit. Communication is a very important skill in every field. Lack of communication skills, affects the quality of work being performed. Communication in a healthcare setting is one of the most important tools we have for providing great patient care and improving patient satisfaction. 

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Risk management includes any activity, process, or policy put in place to reduce liability exposure and reduce medical malpractice claims. Risk management in healthcare is potentially more important than in any other industry. Risk management in healthcare can mean the difference between life and death, which makes the stakes significantly higher.

The strategic planning and management decisions impact the outcome of a patient’s stay and their potential well-being at the facilities. Healthcare Administration will be my way to help people by using my strengths in a hospital/healthcare setting. 

Communication in a healthcare setting is one of the most important tools we have for providing great patient care and improving patient satisfaction. 

Decisions made by healthcare executives can help improve life for hundreds, even thousands of people every day.  Healthcare executives have a sense of social mission—they deeply care about the people they work with and serve.  Further, our hospitals and healthcare organizations provide opportunities for those who want to “do well by doing good”. A degree in healthcare administration would help me deal with the daily operations, technology improvement and cost reduction and thereby improve the quality of healthcare. My commitment to serve will be strengthened when I spearhead an organization that would not only offer the best medical treatment to patients but would also give importance and credit to services of all healthcare employees. My dedication to my profession will inspire me to excel in my graduate studies and contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system in our country.