My my parents was to first work

career journey so far has inspired me to pursue a career in building brands and
products that truly make a difference to a consumer’s daily life. I come
from a family of entrepreneurs and have always known that my career destination
would be to run my own business someday. This is my long-term career goal.

advice I got from my parents was to first work at other companies to build an
exposure to various types of products, gain brand and business management
experience and build a personality that will thrive in any professional
setting. They believed that this learning and confidence building exercise
would be beneficial in running my own business. Thus in the short term, I want
to expose myself to marketing roles in consumer products and e-retail companies
that will give me experience in brand management, strategy charting and business management.


Having worked in both
a small enterprise and a multinational, I appreciate the differences in how diverse
business setups operate, including their strengths and limitations. At
Packaging Specialties, I relied primarily on traditional methods of marketing
such as trade shows and catalogs to connect with customers and create relevant
product lines. Whereas working at Unilever has been a steep learning curve
about the importance of strategic vision, the significance of consumer research
and creating marketing plans for maximum impact and reach. Both these
experiences have also made me aware of the importance of a solid foundation in certain
theoretical subjects, their real world applications and the development of softer
skills that will help me elevate my career path.


Hence, my desire
to pursue a MBA degree at Stern, as it combines a managerial foundation with
marketing electives and experiential opportunities. These learning
opportunities expose me to many industries and business models, giving me a
diverse perspective. On the other hand, pursuing a fast paced and dynamic curriculum
instills skills like problem solving, time management and team collaboration
that will help me perform better in the work place. Another important skill that
I aim to refine over many projects and presentations is to present ideas in a
concise and articulate manner. The education provided in an MBA is very
relevant to modern day decision-making that would make it easier for me to assimilate
in diverse teams with minimal training.


Interacting with
classmates from all over the world, through projects, clubs and other program
activities will help me hone my social and leadership skills. Moreover, the
program’s proximity and its vast alumni network at various companies such as
L’Oreal, Amazon, Google etc. provides a unique insight into company cultures
and help network for job placements. Furthermore, the sense of pride of
belonging the Stern community makes everyone go that extra mile to give back and
is a feeling that I would want to capture and emulate in my own business


In all, I believe
that a NYU Stern MBA would mold me into the best version of myself for my
future endeavors in the short and long term.