My Opinion to Adopt New Technologies Essay

My opinion to adopt new technologies Like most young student in twenty-one century, I meet new technologies in my early years. Combining many years of using new technologies with life story in old years from my parents, my opinion to adopt new technologies is neutral. On the hand, new technologies really change our lifestyle, make our life become easier and convenient. We can get in touch with Our Old friends any time we want, even through we have a distance for thousands of miles.

They also give us the opportunity to find out the relevant resources without taking hours and hours in the library. We can spend our time more efficient, I can read materials in the plane of a trip, can book my tickets through my phone without putting myself in line for hours. To be honest, the new technologies really make myself feel convenient. On the other hand, we need to avoid some embarrassing moment which caused by new technologies. I believe that we all have the moment of being isolated from your dear family when you noticed everybody were looking at heir phones instead of talking with each other.

When people pay too much attention on the virtual world, the social connection will receive an big impact. In that case, the new technologies are no longer our friends, but the horrible drugs that people can ‘t easily get rid of it. Personally, I will put real world human contact before the virtual world. In conclusion, I treat new technologies objectively. I adopt the positive fields of new technologies of making my life convenient, but I will absolutely reject the negatives of the new technologies.