My Predicament Essay

Some things are easier to remember, and some are easier to forget.

I can remember my most humiliating moment as if it happened yesterday. I have tried to forget this moment for years, but it just never seems to go away. Although it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, it actually turned out to be beneficial.

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After falling in front of hundreds of people in New York City, I learned that patience is a virtue. My parents sent my cousin and I to New York City for her senior trip. I was going to be in ninth grade, and I had the opportunity to tag along.To our surprise, my parents got us tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. We were completely ecstatic when we found out. The day of the show, we ventured all around the city.

We had to find the perfect outfit to wear to the show. I bought a new length fuchsia dress, and black with white polka-dot stiletto heels. We planned on being at the show thirty minutes early. Due to our cab driver, we got stuck in traffic. Causing us to arrive right as the curtains opened. Neither of us had the chance to use the restroom before we got there.

We were not going risk missing any part of the show to go to the restroom. Therefore we had to wait for intermission. When it was about time for intermission, we were shaking in our seats because we had to go so bad. Right as the lights flickered on, we dashed down the stairs to the lobby to beat the crowd. As I was sprinting down the stairs, I slipped and tumbled down the entire flight like a ton of bricks.

I lay on the floor for a minute. I was completely baffled at what had just happened.The pain of rug burns on my knees and elbows started to sink in. I noticed an unwanted breeze. I then realized my dress had flown up, and I frantically hurried to pull it down.

The humiliation began to hit me. It felt like my cheeks turned in to two blazing suns. Hundreds of people saw me fall flat on my face.

After I told myself no one saw, I stood up, brushed myself off, and elegantly walked down the rest of the stairs. My cousin was squatting in a corner laughing hysterically. We then had to wait in a long line to use the restroom.Patience is a virtue most everyone needs to work on.

When we force a situation due to impatience, we can find ourselves in a whole new predicament. This can apply to most of us. If a situation is pushed too far, then it most likely will not go how we wanted it to go. If I had not been too anxious to get to the bathroom, then I would not have been in that situation.

If we do not take the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, then we will never develop an understanding of what it truly means to be patient.