My Purpose in Life Essay

People should not described by the clothes they wear, or how their hair looks not even how they act, instead they should be described by their purpose in life because they are equal in value; making us all equal. In my own belief, my goal is to make people smile; I could do this by helping kids with pediatric cancer, having teenage support groups or volunteering at a local soup kitchen.I could be a volunteer or work as a nurse in a children’s hospital in order to help kids with pediatric cancer. Cancer runs in my family and always seems to happen to my family or friends of my family, and I know how it feels to learn somebody close to you has been diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, making me want to help the children diagnosed and their families get through this horrible disease.

One way to make people smile is to have toy drives donating to the kids with cancer because this help the donor smile knowing they helped a child in need and the child smile because it shows how much people care. Another way is to set up fundraisers for the kids with cancer having kids concerts, festivals or charity bike rides. This could also help the kids with cancer meet other kids going through the same thing as them and their family.I could also start teenage support groups to help teenagers who go through many hardships and obstacles in their life. This could possibly help them realize they aren’t alone in this world.

It could maybe even build amazing life long friendships between them. The teenagers could feel empathy towards the others since they would know what it feels like to go through these hardships and possibly help them become less hostile towards the world. They would feel they have a safe place to say their feelings without feeling guarded and unsure as well.Volunteering at a local soup kitchen could help the needy and less fortunate people in your own local area is an amazing way to make people smile. The less fortunate will realize people do care enough to take time out of their life and help them when they are going through an economic hardship.

Not only that, but this will help the volunteers feel better about themselvesknowing they helped a complete stranger have a better day.In conclusion, not only do these make others smile, but myself smile as well knowing I helped a complete stranger in need. I know I can fulfill my purpose; an example is, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) I know God gives me the strength I need to accomplish these goals in order to fulfill my purpose in life.