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My hypothesis was “After
each shaking about half of the remaining pennies would be heads-up 
and half of them tail-down. The number of
pennies removed after each shaking cannot be the same. It will always be
approximately half of what it was on the previous shaking,
because the starting number for each shaking will be only about half
of what it was the previous time. Half- Life is the time taken for the radioactivity of
a specified isotope to fall to half its original value. The term radioactive is
applied to substances which aren’t stable and break down into lighter elements.
A radioactive sample emits the most radiation as soon as it is formed or
isolated. The reason is that that is when the concentration of the radioactive
material is the greatest. It begins to decay immediately and as it does, the
concentration of radioactive material in the sample gets less. This process can
take milliseconds or millions of years depending upon the rate at which the
substance breaks down. The reason it’s important is that we need to know how
long a radioactive material will take to decay to the point that there is so
little left that it no longer poses a threat to life. One of the problems with
nuclear plants as they are currently designed is that they produce a lot of
radioactive waste products. The problem is what do you do with this stuff which
can be deadly for thousands of years. While radioactive waste keeps building up
and being temporarily stored, usually at the nuclear plant where it was made.
The reason knowing such things is important is that knowing the length of time
a radioactive substance will exist is a factor which should be considered in
making the stuff. No, I don’t think the shape of the curve on the graph would change if it
were increased to 20 seconds. This is why radioactive contamination is dangerous in
the environment and hard to remove. Even though large amounts of the material
may decay very quickly at first, smaller amounts can linger for a long
time. No, I don’t think the shape of the curve on my graph would change if I started
with a smaller sample. I don’t think the shape or the curve of the graph would
change if it were increased by 20 seconds or if it started with a smaller
amount of pennies.